Greetings From Ukraine - October 2016

Please read about the exciting news from Ukraine.

Greetings from Ukraine - September 2016

Please read the great news from Ukraine!

Greetings from Ukraine - August 15,2016

Please check out the great news in Ukraine.

Greetings from Ukraine - March 2016

Attached is the great news that is going on in Ukraine.

Greetings from Ukraine - November 2015

Attached is the latest newsletter on what is happening in Ukraine.

Greetings from Ukraine

We have had another outstanding month at UBI. Classes continue to go very well and the students are learning fast what it means to study every waking hour!! See attachment for the rest of the story.

Two Stories of Sunset's Impact on Lives

I want to share with you one story of how God is changing lives through ministry training. Joe Carrasco’s life was in shambles. Joe’s wife had abandoned him and his two sons, they lived in a sparse home with no electricity, he was in violation of probation, and a warrant had been issued for his arrest.  Joe was a drug dealer and addict.


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