Memorial, Tom Locklear, '66

Tom Locklear, graduate of Sunset School of Preaching in 1966, after heart surgery with complications, died and passed on to his reward on Aug. 18, 2014. Over the years he ministered to churches of Christ in Brazos, Texas; Eufaula, Alabama; Balboa, Panama Canal Zone; and Sanger, Texas To the best of Tom's and Nancy's knowledge, they were the flrst American missionaries for the Church of Christ to be granted visas to live and work in Spanish in the Republic of Panama.


Alumni Update from Randy Pritchett

I retired from fulltime work in 2002 after 39 years of fulltime preaching. I continue to preach from time to time, teach classes, write in our Web Page. I have just started so there's only a few articles posted with many, many more on the way.

I also continue to teach former members, prisoners, and released prisoners, by email, telephone and through the mail. As a result, some have started up classes and they are teaching.



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