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February Newsletter Issue #4 (Travel Journal)

Hello, Everyone! I'm hoping that you'll be ok with the change in format for this month. The guys are going into finals tomorrow, which means that it felt like my finals were last week. So I had less time to spend on the Newsletter because of finals prep, and the amount of work that went into the last one. If you're wondering whether you missed Issue #3, you didn't. It was replaced by a report to the Board of Directors, so I continued the numbering even though the report was in anticipation of an upcoming MIBI Board meeting.

A New Year is upon us

Dear all, Attached is a brief yearly report. I am humbled by your continued support of the work that is being done in Africa for the glory of God. Thank you is always so little but praise God for you and may He continue to bless you continually. God bless Dan Goodyear

Mission Update - (Marcus to MIBI)

For all who have contributed and/or expressed an interest in this mission, if I haven't said it enough already: thank you! Attached is the first official Mission Update (AKA - Newsletter) celebrating the completion of my first month in the field. I hope that you find it at least somewhat interesting, and more importantly, that you feel absolutely free to give us constructive feedback on things that we can improve going froward. Moreover, if you hear of anyone not getting updates who wants them - or anyone who doesn't need to continue getting these updates - please let me know.

Malawi 2012

Dear all, Here is my latest report. I know it is very detailed but so many like the little detail things. Read it all or read none of it, it is your choice. I have added a few photos this time on the last page. I was blessed that my brother got to go with me and you will read about him.

Sardesons In Baraboo, WI, USA

Sorry about multiple entries . . . . it has been a learning curve for me . . .


Africa Mission Report 3 - The Lakeshore of Malawi

We have been working with 4 gospel preachers in the Lakeshore area of Malawi.  If you are looking at a map of the country, you will find the Lakeshore area to be the far northern area of the country near Lake Malawi, around the city of Karonga. While this area is poorer than most other areas of Malawi, it is beautiful and pleasant and the people are very friendly and considerate. I am always happy to visit our brothers and sisters in this area of Malawi. 

Africa Mission Report 2 - Mark Samsill and College Hill in Malawi

Mark Samsill and I traveled to Malawi five years ago to visit native preachers supported by the College Hill congregation in North Richland Hills, Texas. Mark (pictured here preaching in Malawi with Brother Malik Ghambi interpreting for him) was one of the mission deacons at College Hill at the time, and is now one of the Shepherds there. We were so excited to see the work of the preachers in the Lakeshore area of Northern Malawi and in the city of Mzimba. They were faithfully preaching the Word of God in multiple congregations, planting new congregations, and were so evangelistic.  We encouraged them and were blessed to teach them. The only problem we saw was that these preachers were spread out among multiple congregations and doing all that was possible for them to do, and there was no one trained to assist them and no one being trained to take their place.

Africa Mission Report 1 - Jerry Hogg

This begins a series of several articles reporting on my recent trip to Southern Africa.  I look forward to reporting on the efforts of Sunset in Malawi, Botswana and South Africa.  Before discussing these mission points, I want to first introduce you to a long-term missionary to South Africa named Jerry Hogg.



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