AIBI "Problem"

Dear brethren, During the teaching in AIBI today we faced a "delightful" problem. Due to a big number of students in both classes, there was no more space in our regular classrooms and we had to move my class in the Church's auditorium where is plenty of room. Only today 5 more students were added in our school taking the number of new students for only one week (after the graduation) to 9 students. Praise be to God for dealing for the first time in AIBI's history with such situation. Please, pray that this "problem" will continue to grow. Love Beni, Sonila


Dear brethren, Please lift up prayers of thanksgivings as Victoria entered the doors of the Kingdom tonight. She is the fiancee of Kingsley Oghuwvu a second year’s student of AIBI and Victoria herself has been auditing AIBI courses for the last three months. Last Saturday, during the course of “Fundamental Theology” with our instructor Victor Akande as they were discussing in the class the need of baptism for the salvation of human soul she approached Victor and said “Sir, I need to be baptised for the remission of my sins” - Praise the Lord for such great moments!!!

AIBI Graduation 2014

Athens International Bible Institute had five students graduate. Attached is the note and pictures of this great occasion.


Hola a todos! I have attached our latest report for you. Please take the time to read and pray for the things God is doing among us. Gracias! Blessings Luis

Leka's service with Evrou Church of Christ

Dear brethren, Greetings in the glorious name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. Please, find the attachment the report of our service with the Evrou’s congregation in Athens, Greece. Thank you for your spiritual and financial support. Love Beni, Sonila

AIBI January-April Newsletter

Dear brethren, Greetings in the glorious name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. Hope and pray you and yours are doing well in Him. Please, find the attached Newsletter of AIBI for January-April 2014. May God continue to sing over you and your families. Love Beni and Sonila Leka Dean of AIBI


Dear brethren, There is a graduation day coming in AIBI on Saturday May 31, 2014 - 6:00PM. You are invited to honour these men and women who dedicated years of their life in hard studies to learn the will of God. Love Beni and Sonila Leka Dean of AIBI

AIBI Spring Seminar Day 3

Dear brethren, We were blessed again by the great teaching of brother James Hinkle. Unfortunately, tonight was the end of it and the attenders have started already asking about the next seminar. Today was a very difficult day for the transportation in Athens. German Chancellor Angela Merkel is in Athens and almost all the city was shut down. The roads that leads to the Church building were closed and some of our students had to walk almost 3 Km to make it to the Seminar. Many were those who could not come because of that event but we can still say that we had a good participation.

Mission Update (Reyes Family Newsletter)

Prayer Partners, We praise God for all those who are on our e-mail prayer list and are praying for our requests, we are wining souls together! Please open, read, and pray for the things you read about, God is working powerfully here in Mexico and your prayers make a big difference. God is good, let's win souls for Jesus!!!! RECARDO REYES Vonage # 806-577-4922 Website: http://followthereyesfamily.com/


Dear friends and family We hope and pray that you all are doing well. We just wanted to share with you our latest report. Take care Luis and Mayra



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