Dear Christian family, I pray that this finds you well. I have attached our latest report for you. Many blessings Luis

Mission Update (Reyes Family Newsletter

Supporters and Prayer Partners, We want to thank everyone for loving and supporting our family! Please take the time to open, read, and pray about the things written in our newsletter! God has been blessing us abundantly though your prayers, God is good, let's win souls for Jesus! -- RECARDO REYES Vonage # 806-577-4922 Website: http://followthereyesfamily.com/ Juan 8:31-32 31 Jesús se dirigió entonces a los judíos que habían creído en él, y les dijo:—Si se mantienen fieles a mis enseñanzas, serán realmente mis discípulos; 32 y conocerán la verdad, y la verdad los hará libres. (NVI)

Updates from the Philippines

Dear Brethren, Newsletter from the Philippines is in the attach files In Christ, Charlie

March 2015 Newsletter and Work Report

Here is our latest newsletter and work report! As you will see, there is a lot going on, and the work is only getting started! We love and appreciate you all! Danny and Lee

February 2015 Newsletter

Sunset Family, Hey there! How are you all doing? We pray all is well! We are back in Brazil, working to get settled in and use to the climate again! Here is our February 2015 Newsletter! We do not have a February Work Report because of not being back in Brazil very long, but will have one for next month! We would like to ask for you to keep us in your prayers because we have lost around $700 per month support. Some of our supporting congregations have lost members so their contributions are down. We are trusting God, and came back to Brazil knowing that He will provide!

Mission Update (Reyes Family Newsletter)

Prayer Partners,

Chappell Family Newsletter

Thank you all for your continued support and prayers. We are trying to get you all caught up with all that has been going here in Scotland. We ask that you please take a look at whats been happening here and please continue to keep us in your prayers. May God continue to bless you all! Every Blessing, Darrell, Shayla, Murphy,Harrison and Mallory

February, 2015 Newsletter Transformed By Grace 81

Dear Friends of Transformed By Grace 81, We are pleased to be sending as an attachment our first newsletter! We hope that you are encouraged by its contents and that you will commit to pray for those mentioned within. Because of His Grace, Jeff and Robin

Newsletter for the month of January 2015

Dear Brethren, Sending out newsletter for the month of January 2015. It is in the attach files. In Christ, Charlie Sabado & Family


Dear Brethren, Sending out updates of our work in the Philippines, newsletter is in the attach files. In Christ, Charlie Sabado & Family



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