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Messages from the Heart - The Malawi Project

Read about the work in Malawi

July-August, 2016 Report

Read about the great work the Dorris-Chad International Christian School in Nigeria is involved in.

Triumphs and Challenges in Haiti

Challenges After their first break month back at home, the students resume their studies. Since this sixth class of the CBT began in mid-February, the directors and students have faced the inevitable challenges that have beset each class. One student from D'Osmond became seriously ill just a few weeks into school, and has only just regained his health to return to his studies. One student will not be continuing his studies. The smaller truck the directors use for transportation has begun to break down regularly. Sickness, pressure and mechanical problems are part of living in Haiti.

AIBI Newsletter - Cuba

Dear Friends and Family, I apologize that so much time has passed since our last newsletter. Please read the attached file to catch up on the news. Let me know if you have any questions. Blessings to all, Kirk McAfee

New Class for the Preaching School in Haiti

News from the Branch School in Haiti

Budget time

Dear Faithful Supports,

AIBI newsletter

Friends and Family, Please read the attached newsletter to learn of the latest plans with AIBI. Blessings to all, Kirk McAfee

"Come and see what God has done"

Greetings! I hope the Lord is blessing each of you today. Here is the link to our website page with the latest newsletter. See "what God has done". Steve Austin Director, TIBI

Mission Indonesia Rpt May 2012

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ, The attachment is a PDF file of our Mission Indonesia Report. I pray that you are being blessed by what the Lord has done and will do in the future as much as I have been. Thank you for your faithfulness in your prayers and support for this work.

Mission Indonesia Oct 2010 report

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

The attachment is a quick update on the work and an event in Batam that I thought was inspiring.
For others to view our work via a six minute video they can simply type in the following website address.

Please forward this report to those you know in other congregations. Thank you.

Your servant in Christ,
Dr. Winston Bolt



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