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Please read how you can help in Guatemala.


Dear Partners, family and friends, How are you? My family and I love you all so much. Please when you receive the attached letter, continue to pray for us and for each point mentioned in this letter. May our Lord bless every thing you do to glorify His Precious Name. Because of Him Habashy family

Our Plea for Help

Keeping you posted. Please keep praying for the work in Cambodia.

RECIFE Mission Report

Dear friends of our mission effort, Please pray for Brazil’s economy. • 11,400,000 unemployed • 9.32% per year inflation (One example of high prices is beans which is almost indispensable on the table of Brazilians – R$4,50 per kilo in 2015 and now is R$10,00. Milk is 5 dollars a gallon, gasoline is 3.93 dollars per gallon (this is the cheapest that can be found in Recife and most stations are higher getting as high as 4.54 dollars per gallon) • 4.58% per MONTH interest rates (personal bank loan)

News from Cambodia

I am sending this to you to share if you will and ask you to pray about all that is going on. God is good, He is powerful, and He is merciful. May God bless, Doris

urgent concern

Dear Partners & Family, How are you all? My Family and I miss you all very much. I'd like to apologize for miss-communication between us. Many of you tried to call us and we try to reach you many times as well but we have a big problem to communicate with you all because of all means of communication through internet such as magicJack, Viber, and whatsApp are blocked now by the the new regime for the security reasons. And the others social networking sites such as Facebook are monitoring for security reasons also.


Dear Friends, I am home today! Thank you God and all the prayers from all of our love ones in America. It has been very hard in the past two weeks. The pain that started on Monday morning, February 1st., at around 4.00 am was the kind of pain I never experienced in my life. I had back surgery some seventeen years ago to remove slipped disc. The pain and the numbness at that time was not compared to the one this time.

Mission Update (Possible Bible Study)

Prayer Partners

Mexico Mission - Quick Update

Good morning, Thought for the day 1 Thessalonians 2:13 And we also thank God continually because, when you received the word of God, which you heard from us, you accepted it not as a human word, but as it actually is, the word of God, which is indeed at work in you who believe.

Thanksgiving prayers for our new brother

Dear brethren, Please lift up to the Father thanksgiving prayer for Felix James our new brother in Christ. Felix is from Nigeria, he is a car mechanic and 1st year student in AIBI. During the “Distinctive Nature of the Church of Christ” course, as I was explaining the importance and the requirements of baptism he said “I need to be baptised for the remissions of sins” - and he was baptised. Please rejoice with us in this new precious soul entering the gates of the Kingdom. Love Beni



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