Africa Mission Report 1 - Jerry Hogg

This begins a series of several articles reporting on my recent trip to Southern Africa.  I look forward to reporting on the efforts of Sunset in Malawi, Botswana and South Africa.  Before discussing these mission points, I want to first introduce you to a long-term missionary to South Africa named Jerry Hogg.

Back From Botswana

Jerry Hogg and I just returned from our excursion to Botswana (pictured here - what a tough life I have!). The travel back and forth is exhausting, but the blessings of meeting with Dennis Malepa (Dean of ACTS - the African Center for Theological Studies), the ACTS Board, and the students in Botswana are tremendous. Rather than asking the churches in America for money, the Board of ACTS has purchased, with funds donated by Christians in Botswana an area for a farm (to allow our students to work and learn skills to be self-supporting and autonomous), a site in Botswana for the permanent school and they have even begun doing some building and improvements!  How refreshing it is to see our African Brethren stepping forward in faith this way!  They are also considering sending a graduate of ACTS named Ananias Moses to SIBI in Lubbock to begin preparations for him teaching at the school and ultimately leading ACTS.

Apollos Institute Update

Just thought that you would like to know what is happening with Apollos Institute and the growing demand for leadership training.

On The Road Again

It's that time again.  Time for another excursion to witness the great things that God is doing around the world and to participate as God opens doors.  It is amazing to see what Sunset is doing on the African continent.  It is such a blessing to serve at the Sunset International Bible Institute in the International Studies Division through our 57 ministry training schools.  Mark Samsill and I will be visiting preachers, teachers and ministry trainers in Malawi, Botswana and South Africa. Normally, this trip would also include Zambia, but I was able to meet with David French of the Mapepe Bible College while he was in Lubbock.  It should be a great opportunity.

On Being or Becoming a Missionary

When people ask me for my job title, I try to tell them, but it actually makes no sense to most people. After spending a few minutes trying to explain what a "Dean of International Studies" is, I generally just say that I am a missionary to a whole lot of countries. I like the idea of having a mission and going on a mission. In fact, all who enter my office at Sunset have to pass a sign on my door that reads, "If God calls you to be a missionary, don't stoop to be a King." Sometimes, however, i forget what an amazing role I am allowed to play in the Kingdom.


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