Doris Morrison- Happy New Year

Dear Friends, Family & Supporters, I hope and pray that God's blessings be with each and everyone of you during this new year. You know how American's are always making resolutions that they very seldom keep, but I am making one that with God's strength I can carry it through even for the next several resolutions. And that is to keep on keeping on Christ and the children are what keep me going. There is so much going on and I am so busy trying to get everything set up for Tuesday when we start our new classes for the school that I am falling way behind.. And to my sorrow this afternoon I found a major error in my paperwork that is causing me to have to go back to square one and review each page againl. I know you have no idea what I am talking about so I will briefly fill you in. The program we are using TPR (Total Physicial Response), I have in my head but the guys working with me cannot read my mind and I cannot be in 3 classes at one time so I am trying to put it all on paper so they have a guide line to follow. Also, it is a tool they can use in the process of better learning the English.

Doris Morrison Report

Week 3 in Athens It’s been a busy week. Friday, Beni took me to a local fire station (been wanting to visit one since I started coming to Greece.) It was a good visit, very informative and friendly, although short because of school constraints. In Greece, as in many of the more socialist leaning European countries, they have no concept of a volunteer which made our system more difficult for him to understand probably than his was for me. On Sunday, I was invited by one of my students to the Omonia congregation for a special service. Artem is a young Russian going to school and playing basketball in Greece. He is also taking courses at AIBI. The Omonia church hosted the LCU choir headed by Philip Camp and also a group of preachers and students from Harding on their way to Israel. Dino Roussos, minister at Omonia, picked me up about 8:30 at my apartment and we had breakfast with the choir before going to a Romanian church where they performed. The Romanians also sang “The Battle Hymn of the Republic” for us – in Romanian.

March-April Newsletter

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Welch's October Newsletter

Sousa-day or Greetings from Cambodia, We are delighted to share with you our most recent newsletter from Phnom Penh. It is our earnest desire to encourage you toward love and good deeds. We hope you enjoy hearing from us. We also hope we have your prayers. Thanks for your participation in our offering of service to the Lord. You are in our prayers – always! Read more in the attached PDF.



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