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Cambodia Report

Bob and Sandy's work in Cambodia.

January Newsletter from Cambodia-Doris Morrison

To all my brothers, sisters, family & friends, A new year, another new day which is really what is important. New years are great as we think back over the old year and reflect on the new one, but each new day is what gives us the courage and ability to keep, keeping on. Without those days our old year would be bleak and we probably would not be able to anticipate God’s goodness for the coming year. So I wish each and everyone a wonderful new year to celebrate each day for Him who gives it to us. There is so much to reflect back on in 2012. God has been good and He has great plans for the future of all of us if we will trust and obey him. I believe and trust him but sometimes obedience doesn’t come easy. With all the work that goes on I can get very frustrated at times and my tongue can become more of an enemy than a friend. My prayer is still that we will get workers to help in the school and the organization as a whole. I thank God daily for his wonderful love and grace.

Newsletter from Doris Morrison

Dear Brothers, Sisters, Friends & Family, With a new year almost here, we are in anticipation of what will be happening with the work here. Not just our work but with all God’s work here in Cambodia. The past year has been full of surprises and great things, one of which I got to go home to the States for a month! It was a very busy time but very rewarding. So many friends and family that I had not seen in too long a time. My travels took me from Georgia to Texas and back again. Meeting with churches and universities not to mention many individuals. One friend at Sunset in Lubbock helped me renew my drivers license on the web by using her iPhone! That was such a blessing to not have to go down town and stand in line. Everybody fed me thoroughly. I mentioned when I first arrived that one thing I had missed was some good country sausage and it appeared. I never grew tired of it. The problem, I gained all my weight back that I had worked so hard to loose! But that is OK as I can loose it again. It was a wonderful trip!

News from Cambodia

Dear Brothers & Sisters, Well, here it is September 11 and I am behind on sending out some very great and interesting news. We just got through with 2 weeks of camps. On August 25th, John Rice from Alabama came with John Watts and one of the elders, Gerald Romina from Roanoke Church of Christ, who is our supporting congregation came and worked with the all the children for one day. There were around 75 children plus many adults. Then this past week, the Youth Group from Lavender Church of Christ in Singapore came and worked with the students on Friday as it was a school day and then on Friday they held another camp day. We are all tired but so encouraged by their visits.

August Newsletter from Doris

Well, it is getting on into the month of August and we will be having our annual church camp on the 25th with Bro. John Rice from Alabama. One of the elders from our supporting congregation, Roanoke Church of Christ is coming with him and I am excited to meet with him about future plans. The students are getting excited and we are trying to get organized. There is so much going on and I am teaching 6 - 7 classes a day. Sophy is beginning to pick up some of what I am doing and is able to help me out, but he isn’t ready for “conversation” yet. Yes, I said conversation. I have learned that some of the students know more than they are saying, so I am trying to “pull’ it out of them. We also have then saying “phrases”. For example, which also teaches manners, they would say, “May I have a drink of water, please?” The same with the bathroom. Now, they are having to say, “I have decided that I want to be reliable.”

Welch News from Cambodia

Howdy from Phnom Penh, Cambodia! We hope in the Lord that you are well. God, the Father has pour-out grace, truth and peace through the Lord Jesus Christ. Our daily hope and prayer is that you are cherishing all these blessings and more from our Father. Have you been on our BLOG lately? It had been a while since we had posted anything new, so we hope you weren’t discouraged. Recently, we added our latest newsletter and updated the “about Dennis and Sharon” page on the blog which includes an encouraging video about sharing your faith in the workplace. Our blog exist for the primary purpose of encouraging your walk with our Lord to greater love and good deeds by informing you about what the Lord is doing in Cambodia through His servants. As in all things, TO GOD BE THE GLORY FOREVER AND EVER! FULL OF HIS SPIRIT, BASK IN HIS MAGNIFICENT GLORY! Working night and day because far too many have not yet heard about the coming wrath and saving grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, Dennis & Sharon Welch heralds of the Good News Mission Cambodia Blog GRACE for Cambodia Internet Phone: 817-710-6195

Doris Newsletter from Cambodia

Dear Brothers & Sister in Christ, And in Christ we are! What a beautiful thought. This has been a month of decisions. Half the year is gone and it is time to evaluate the students. We had another holiday Monday, the 18th so I got a few more things organized. We don’t have another holiday until the end of September so I will probably be wishing for one!

Weekly Newsletter from Doris

Dear Brothers & Sisters,

Welch News from Cambodia

We have added lots of new content to our blog. Got a minute or two? Go check it out at the link below: Welchs’ Mission Cambodia Blog and News The latest posts include: • February Newsletter • News from the SNACK Program for children • News from the Cambodia Bible Institute • A new church is born • A new page on a church planting model • A new page on how you can… Please join us in pray for even more fruit for the Lord’s vineyard in Cambodia. yours for helping poor, mal-nourished children in the Cambodian countryside, Dennis & Sharon Welch GRACE for Cambodia S.N.A.C.K. Program



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