Alumni Update - Jeremy Myers

I am currently preaching for the Plainview Church of Christ in Plainview, Arkansas and getting married on June 13, 2009. Life is good.

The Nelson's News - Aug-Sept

I’m not sure if many of you understand exactly how we are feeling at this time, but you probably could imagine. We have less than two weeks before we leave for the Ukraine! Wednesday, October 15th, is the date for our departure to Kharkov, Ukraine. These next two weeks are going to be a blur! These last few months have flown by, but we have truly enjoyed every minute of it. As many of you know, we have spent these last three months in Fort Worth with our sponsoring congregation, Legacy Church of Christ.

God's building at Legacy

Olivia and I were able to celebrate a huge milestone with the congregation here in Forth Worth. God has blessed the Legacy church of Christ with abundant growth and fruitfulness. Over the past 50 years this congregation has been growing and growing! This growth has forced them to add onto buildings, move locations, and build bigger facilities. Legacy was even forced to go to two services because it could not accommodate the whole congregation. This last Sunday morning was a change-- at the completion of its new auditorium, the whole congregation was able to meet together in its entirety.

Wedding Update

Hi everyone!Alex and Alexa
Not a day has gone by where I dont think of you all. Alex and I are missing everyone just as much as we're sure you miss us. I have been so busy with the wedding and all. We are officially getting married on August 16th in Milton, Ontario. It's where I grew up, it's where Alex and I first met and it would be a good way to say good bye too.
We wanted to share with you all of our plan for the wedding and after the wedding. It's going to be a small wedding, approximately 70 guests of family and friends. They are mostly on my side because it is just so much easier for them to come to the wedding. It is going to be a very soft wedding, baby blue and white. We are both very excited to become one and to be able to honor God in every way possible in our marriage. We want to be the best example for Him.

Sabado Family Newsletter

Our last day in Lubbock, Texas was filled with mixed emotions. There was sadness in our hearts as we prepare to leave for the airport but we were rejoicing with happiness knowing that in a matter of days we will be reunited with our friends and loved ones in the Philippines. We have prepared ourselves to embark on another journey to spread the good news to the lost in our native land. We thank God for giving us courage and strength to make it through the ups and downs of being faithful servants in His kingdom. More in the attached PDF.

Palmer Family Update

"Howdy Ya'll..."

Or in the Northwest, "Sup?!"

This is Matthew Palmer writing to you from the beautiful NW region of Woodinville, WA. Right now it's 65 degrees and partly cloudy (just the way I like it). I must say, I do miss everyone down in SIBI; I hope all of you are doing well (my family and I are continuing to pray for the alumni and faculty every Monday). Sometimes, I wake up and I have the sweats because I feel like I missed an assignment or something.

My family is great! Kristie feels at home again. We temporarily live with her cousin who owns an acre and a large house. Currently, there are 5 adults and 8 children living under one roof. If you're silent enough, you can hear the house sigh at night sometimes. Oh, and there are 2 dogs and 2 rabbits in the house, and a wild cougar that is roaming the neighborhood. Who would have thought that? The accommodations are small, but the Lord has provided for us while staying there - it has truly been a blessing.

Marriage Announcement

Alex Abenchuchan sent word that he and Alexa Gulka, both graduated in 2008, are getting married this August 16th.



Prayers for Sabado's

This is an update on the Charlie Sabado family. After his recent graduation from Sunset they began their long journey back home to the Philippines. For Tina, this was the first time she was able to go back home since they arrived in the U.S. in August of 2005. She was really looking forward to it.

They arrived in Manila on June 3rd and spent some days there seeing to some of the papers for their daughter Marguerite, who was born in Lubbock and is an American citizen, and also getting some much-needed rest. On June 6th, they started come to Tacloban City, and they checked into a hotel and began searching for a house to rent. They were now "home" once again. Tacloban is Tina's home city and birthplace, and her father and mother and sister still live there.

Charles Sabado Newsletter

Few weeks from now we will be heading back to the Philippines. About a week after our graduation we will start our journey home. In this journey we will bring all good memories with us: the churches that we’ve visited, our teachers and classmates in Sunset school, the new friends that we’ve made over the past couple of years, the good experience of having the opportunity to live in America, the list goes on and on... At this point in time that I am about to graduate a few weeks from now, I feel the humility and confidence that I have gained while in school.



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