Work in Maryland

Eric A Lorick, distance learning class 2009 will be the minister of a new Urban mission plant in Baltimore City, Maryland with his wife Andrea D Lorick Class 2010. In early 2013,The East Baltimore Church of Christ Christ,Minister Kevin Bethea and it's leadership agreed to collaborate with Brother Eric Lorick and others on a new church planting in the inner city area of Baltimore, Maryland.

Update from the Philippines

Dear Brethren, I would like to say thank you for all your prayers especially for your partnership to our work in the Philippines. You have been supporting us and praying for us since we started our mission work in the Philippines and God has blessed your contribution to the entire work that we are doing in this country. In our previous newsletters indicate clearly that we are losing supports. And we appreciate so much those supporters who continuously support us until this year. This month support came in very low which could not pay our basic bills.

Feb and April Newsletter

Dear Friends and Family, We are so excited to share the news that we have found a building for services! We have begun meeting there on Sunday mornings and are looking into moving all of our meeting times there. We are excited about God's provision and how He is answering prayers before they can even be worded! We are thankful for your prayers on our behalf and your concern for our work here! With our love, Tim, Terra, and Kassidy King


Dear supporters, We are sending out our newsletter, you about our work in the Philippines. Charlie Sabado and family

Belem, Brazil - February/March News

Hello family, friends and gospel partners! There is some exciting news from this past week in Belem; you have a new sister in Christ and our family is also expecting a new addition! Check out the newsletter for other news as well. serving Jesus the King with you, Brian King

February 2013 Newsletter

Friends and Supporters, Attached is our latest newsletter. May the Lord bless you richly for your untiring effort and support for the vast mission field here in the Philippine archipelago. Our deepest thanks and appreciation, Charlie Sabado and family

February Newsletter

Well, we are alive here in South Dakota; Im sure some of you thought we were buried in snow by now, but we are quite comfortable. It does snow here about once a week ans sometime more but it usually melts off in a day or so. In fact last night it snowed about 5" and by noon today it was gone and then it rained around three and snowed again at about six this evening. The weather was very warm last week at about 70 degrees Thursday afternoon, but that and Wednesday have been the only days above 50 since we arrived.

Kings January Newsletter

Hello mission partners! So many things have happened that they can't all fit in the newsletter! Two things of the list of things that I am encouraged about are: lives are being changed through contact with God's word and we are seeing more visitors on Sundays. Read the newsletter to see the rest! serving King Jesus with you, Brian

January Update

Hello friends and family!

November Newsletter

Dear Friends and Family,



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