BICA October 2016 Newsletter

Please read the exciting news of what is happening.

BICA Newsletter for September 2016

Please check out the latest happenings in Central America.

BICA July 2016 Newsletter

Attached is the BICA July 2016 Newsletter

BICA July 2016 Newsletter

Please check out the latest happenings in Honduras.

March 2016 BICA Newsletter

March 2016 BICA Newsletter

January 2016 BICA Newsletter

January Newsletter for Biblical Institute of Central America

Brief report from Duane and Phyllis Morgan

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ, Phyllis and I are in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. We arrived here just yesterday. Our main objective here is for her to get a thorough check-up, including mammogram, since she has long been enrolled here in her home country in a health plan that is both comprehensive and affordable. I can also get thoroughly checked out, since it is a family plan. Our appointment is on February 15.

Update from Duane and Phyllis Morgan, Indonesia

Brethren, The attachment is a photo of the congregation in Serui, Papua Province, Indonesia, along with an update on support, activities, and nationwide plans. Please read! Sincere love to all from Phyllis and me.

Some Christians in Serui

The congregation in Serui, Papua Province, Indonesia was established in 1988 and has always been self supporting. They built their church building literally with their own hands and at their own expense over a seven-year period. My missionary memoire (in progress) is about what God has done with them. They are representative of many over the past thirty years, in many locations across the vast Indonesian archipelago. Some of the key people are: 1. Deki, an elementary school teacher on the fast-developing frontier of Waropen.

From Duane and Phyllis

Brethren, I preached this morning for the Blok M congregation here in Jakarta. After worship, I taught an introductory lesson for an hour as preparation for the seminar already taught in North Sumatra and Papua. After the hour was up, the brothers and sisters attending asked that the full seminar be delayed until February so members of other congregations in Jakarta can be informed and invited to participate.



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