Taking a few moments to celebrate my alma mater winning the NAIA national championship in baseball.  Lubbock Christian won the championship early Saturday morning.  Their last championship was right before I became a student at Lubbock Christian in 1983.  I hope that those in the city of Lubbock and all of those who attend LCC or LCU will celebrate this incredible accomplishment.  Go Chaps!

Back at LCU

Thanks to my good friends from college on facebook, I am getting to see some pictures of my days as an undergraduate at Lubbock Christian. Pictured here are the men of the social club Alpha Chi Delta.  I am on the 2nd row, just above the "a" in Delta, surrounded by close friends from college days.  What a blessing it was to be at LCC (I was in the last class of LCC before it became LCU).

Now our two sons walk the same campus that Brenda and I walked years ago.  Alan and Daniel are both students at LCU and we are, of course, proud of them.  What's even more amazing is that there are famiy members of other students in this picture that are walking the campus as well.

Moving Out!

It was an amazing experience to see our older son Alan (pictured in red) head off to our alma mater, Lubbock Christian University a couple of years ago. We were proud of Alan and knew he would do well, but we were also a little grateful to have Daniel (in purple) still at home. This weekend the boys are loading their stuff in the back of our van and pickup and hauling it off to the apartment they will share while they go to LCU. It's quite traumatic and thrilling, which is sort of odd since their apartment is only about a mile away from us! It's a small step, but an important step for the family.

There are several great blessings that come to mind at the moment:

1. Having two sons that are faithful Christians is one of the greatest blessings that Brenda and I share.

Graduation Means A Little More This Year

Graduation is typically my favorite time of year. I have been preparing the International Division page for the graduation here at SIBI and am thinking about what to say on behalf of our SIBI International ministry training school graduates. With over 450 of them, I really want to represent them well.


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