AIBI 2017 Graduation Day

Dear brethren, Please, lift up prayers of thanksgiving for another successful graduation day we had last Saturday at AIBI. Seven more workers were added to the fields of the Lord and we ask for your prayers as all of them are starting a new kind of service to the Lord. Now, they are all qualified servants, and Jesus is expecting so much more from them.

AIBI graduation day

Attached is our graduation notice. This is a reminder about AIBI's upcoming graduation day. The graduation ceremony will be held on 3 June 2017, 6:30PM at “Athens Church of Christ” building, Evrou 10 - Ambelokipi. Please, make every effort to be with us during graduation and honor the graduates of 2017. Beni and Sonila Leka Dean of AIBI

AIBI 2016 Class Graduation

Please offer prayers of thanksgiving to our Creator for the following 2016 AIBI graduates. 1. NORA IHUAKUDO UKACHUKWU - Nigeria 2. JUSTINA EMENU - Nigeria 3. SIR AFAM PROMISE - Nigeria 4. GODSON-PETER YOUNG NWAFOR - Ghana 5. ANTHONY S. MUIRURI MWANGI - Kenya 6. ARTEM PERVYI - Ukraine God has blessed us by bringing every one of them into our life and making us part of their hard work and dedication to His Word. They have been with us for many years and we are so sad to see them gone, but at the same time we rejoice with the Lord for this group of qualified workers to His fields.


Dear brethren, There is a graduation day coming in AIBI on Saturday May 31, 2014 - 6:00PM. You are invited to honour these men and women who dedicated years of their life in hard studies to learn the will of God. Love Beni and Sonila Leka Dean of AIBI

Hello from Lubbock!!

Wow, it is hard to believe that so many big things start just about a week from today! Our Re-entry seminar for the 2011 AIM class starts next Wednesday night and goes through Friday (March 5-7). Our 40th Anniversary celebration will start Friday night (March 7-9) and Graduation will be on Saturday evening March 8th. Camp Adventure Week also starts Saturday afternoon March 8th as well. So, things are getting geared up for some super busy weeks ahead!

One Year Ago...Sunset Graduation

Graduation Means A Little More This Year

Graduation is typically my favorite time of year. I have been preparing the International Division page for the graduation here at SIBI and am thinking about what to say on behalf of our SIBI International ministry training school graduates. With over 450 of them, I really want to represent them well.


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