Stamatis Status - Oct. 24, 2010

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Steve Stamatis

Stamatis Status - April 2010

I pray that the service IBIA is offering is acceptable to and utilized by our great transformational God. I also pray that it is encouraging to you – our partners in this endeavor. I do want to keep you informed on a regular basis. But, the normal events that take place each day, each week and each term do not have great variety. This is not discouraging. This is simply stating the reality.

Stamatis Status - February 2010

Attached is the most recent newsletter from Steve Stamatis at our branch school in Albania.

Newsletter from Steve Stamatis

The latest newsletter of the happenings in and around the school in Albania.

Stamatis Status, May 17, 2009

Attached is our most recent newsletter

Stamatis Status

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Stamatis Status - November, 2008

Tomorrow we begin our final term of the first year. There are different criteria we try to use to measure the progress of the students and the school. But, in the final analysis the growth must be the product of God and not our human effort. If it is of God then there is no true way to measure spiritual quality by quantifying it according to physical standards. Nevertheless, we do see traits of growth on several levels and in different areas.

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Last Night in Albania

This is my last night in Albania. Tomorrow I will teach the last lesson of the Seminar which actually began last Sunday. The theme has been The Holy Spirit of God. Lesson titles were, “God Fills Us with His Spirit,” “The Gift of the Holy Spirit,” “The Indwelling of the Holy Spirit,” “Sins against the Holy Spirit,” “The Leading of the Holy Spirit” and “Is the Biblical Gift of Speaking in Tongues Still in use Today?” As the Seminar has progressed attendance has regularly increased. Last night the men of the church even went to people in the surrounding neighborhood to borrow chairs. The building was filled and the atmosphere was exciting. As people came in the buzz of conversation gradually came to a crescendo. Conversation and laughter filled the air as people greeted those whom they were surprised and excited to see. I have been very warmly welcomed and the messages have been enthusiastically received. All have expressed gratitude for learning vital Biblical concepts which for some were new and for others a refreshing reminder.

Stamatis Status - July to September 2008

It is Friday night at the end of a long first week of the first full term after our summer break. I should be in bed but my heart is too full and my mind is racing into high gear. It is 1:00 a.m. and I am sitting on our balcony watching the bright moon gliding in and out from behind the clouds. I am almost chilled by the cool breeze from the Adriatic caressing the beach with a gentle lap of waves. God has graced me with an ideal environment for thinking, meditating and praying.

Stamatis Status - June 14, 2008

This is IBIA’s last term before our “Summer Break”. We are looking forward to a break from the intensity of our schedule. Our last day of classes for this term is Friday, July 4th. This will also be our “International Focus Day”. We will learn about and pray for the church in the United States. The students will be challenged to use this break to practice what they have learned among their family and friends. Deborah and I will return to the States to continue our work with IBIA (reporting and fund raising).



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