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BICA Newsletter for September 2016

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BICA July 2016 Newsletter

Attached is the BICA July 2016 Newsletter

BICA July 2016 Newsletter

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BICA April 2016 Newsletter

September 2015 BICA Newsletter

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A gospel meeting at the Church of Christ of Agua Escondida, El Salvador.


CHURCH OF CHRIST IN QUEZALTEPEQUE DEPARTMENT OF LA LIBERTAD EL SALVADOR, CENTRAL AMERICA Monday, March 11, 2013 Loved brothers and sisters, yesterday was a day of much joy in the Lord for the Church of Christ in Quezaltepeque, the reason is because it was baptized for forgive of his sins Mr. WILFREDO LOPEZ ZANABRIA of 55 years old. He live in Canton El Carmen, this village is located in the volcano of San Salvador, place where several Christian families reside. It pleases to me to express to you that brother Wilfredo it is the second baptism of the present year, like fruit of the familiar cults that the church makes the last Friday of every month. An average of 30 Christians we met to preach the Word in homes of a Christian family during three months uninterrupted, meetings to which are invited people, who are friends of the family host, as well as the resident people of the community. Always there are presents between five to ten people listeners of the Word of God.

June BICA newsletter

Attached is the June newsletter for the Biblical Institute of Central America.

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Monday, November 14, 2011



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