A Change of Seasons: What's Behind and Ahead?

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Celebrations & Rejoicing

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Coming Along-Side: Serving Together for the Sake of the Kingdom

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Merry Christmas from Brandi & Penny

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Mission Report on Sumatra Churches

Dear Brother and Sisters in Christ, The attached report is from Herbin Simanjuntak who is the assistant director of Batam Bible College and also a missionary when the school is not in session, as are all our instructors. Herbin just graduated with a Masters Degree last month with a 3.8 grade with the highest grade being 4 and will be entering a PhD program later this year. He also preaches and is one of the leaders in the Batam church of Christ.

The Kendalls ... "Summer" In Southeast Asia

Kendall's newsletter from Singapore


SIBI~Singapore has its first graduating class.

The Kendalls ... Home Is Where Your People Are

Volume 2, Issue 4 October - December 2012 DEAR ONES: Another year has come and gone. It's true ... the older we get, the quicker time does seem to fly by. We look back on 2012 with thankfulness at all the wonderful blessings we've been given, the amazing things we've been a part of, and for the incredible people who have helped make it all possible. We are looking forward to 2013 with excitement and anticipation at what our perfect God will do with these not-so-perfect servants. The vision He is continually placing on our hearts just keeps getting bigger and bigger ... and we are anxious to see how He will bring it all about. Thank you for joining us on our journey in Singapore and South East Asia. Because He said "GO"! Brandi and Penny Kendall For Up-to-the-Minute, Daily Musings, Experiences and Photographs of the Kendalls: On Mission in Singapore ... visit us on FACEBOOK HOME IS WHERE YOUR PEOPLE ARE

The Kendalls ... Home Is Where Your People Are

Brandi and Penny Kendall's newsletter October- December, 2013

The Kendalls ... Hearts Transformed

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