May 2015 Report

Hey everyone, Thanks so much for your prayer. Here is a report about some of the great things God is doing in Chile. Blessing, The Chileperks. Zane, Tae, Naomi, Isaac, Simeon and Enoch

Greetings from Chile

Greetings from sunny Santiago! Summer is in full swing and we are enjoying the warm, long days. Wouldn’t really characterize them as lazy days of summer as it seems we are busier than ever. So much has happened since our last report!

What is going on in Chile...

Here is just a note to let you know what is going on in Chile. Love you all The Chileperks.

What is going on in Chile...

Here is a report of a few things that have been happening in Chile. Love Chileperks

Monthly reports

Hello everyone here is a report about what took place in September Blessing, Zane, Tae, Naomi, Isaac, Simeon and Enoch

Perkins Family- Sept. Newsletter

Here is a report about the event of the last couple of months in Chile. God bless, Zane and tae

Earthquake Update

Dear Brethren,

Bridging the Nations, May Newsletter

See attached PDF from the Perkins in Santiago, Chile.


March 4, 2009 Newsletter from Perkins

School has begun and we are officially underway. Readjusting after being in the USA for 2 months is always a challenge. When we arrived we put the winter clothes up and cleaned out the closest for the summer clothes. We cleaned up the aftermath of the 12-suitcase explosion. The school shopping had to be done in the mist of going on a team retreat and church members having us over to catch-up. It has been a little crazy but now all we have to worry about is getting to bed on time and getting the kids up early.



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