Hoots Family- Newsletter

Hello Brother, Sisters and Friends: Karen and I want to thank all of you for your prayers and love throughout the years. Your prayers are paying off. The Lord's work is blossoming and coming to a head as if it is about to explode. All three congregations that the Lord has used us to get started are doing well and growing. They have become self-supporting and self-sufficient. It is great watching what the Lord has done as we see these congregations working on their own. It leaves us with mixed feelings similar to the feeling of watching your child grow up and move out on their own. Presently, our main concentration is on the Homestead church of Christ. This congregation, at one time, was over 200 members and is down in the thirties. But God has opened their hearts and it is now starting to grow again through us working through J4L (Jesus 4 Life) ministries, which is a youth group of over 170 people ranging from 4 to 29 years old and Redland Christian Academy. We are now reaching to their families, and bringing them to the Homestead congregation. It is a fun church planting, working through the children to reach the parents.

Hoots family- Newsletter

Hello brothers and sisters and thank you for all your love. The work is doing well here.

Church bus for FL kids

Hello everyone as per the letter below We have been trying to raise money to buy a bus. We have raised 2/3 of the money ($4000) the price for the buses are around $6000. Tommy Taylor (of Taylor Bus Co and member of the church in Murray, KY) purchased all the buses and is willing to sell us one at his cost. The buses will be in Florida for a few more days. If you  or if you know anyone who can help us out please contact Paula Harrington at the phone below she is one who has spearhead the collection (God bless her)

In Service With You
Mike & Karen Hoots

AIBI Newsletter

Please read the attched newsletter from Atlantic International Bible Institute.

January Newsletter


Here is another support letter of one of the disciples we are training for ministry that God has sent us through The AIM (Adventures In Missions) program. His name is Rob and he has decided to stay here and work with us for at least 3 years.

I send you there support letters because they give you a fresh prospective of the work we are all involved in and it also makes it easier for me to keep you updated.




Personal Update

What a ride we have had in the 40+ years since the Gray Eagle conferred his blessing on us and sent us out into the unsuspecting world - and, yes, the unsuspecting church as well!

Atlantic International Bible Institute

Attached is the newsletter from Kirk McAffee from AIBI.

One Year Ago...Sunset Graduation


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