Memorial - Eugene Cardinal, 1967

Friends, Just received word from his daughter that Eugene Cardinal (’67) passed away in Phoenix, where he had lived and ministered for many years. Eugene was inexplicably nicknamed “Shorty” (even though he was over 6 feet tall) and he was known by that name by all who were at SSOP during his tenure. Kay and I lived next door to the Cardinals for a time while we were fellow students and we ministered across town from each other for the 10 years we were in Phoenix. There are fewer and fewer of us around from the ‘60’s decade of the school! Truitt

Memorial - Ethel McGuiggan, wife of Jim McGuiggan

Jim McGuiggan's wife, Ethel McGuiggan, passed away on Sunday, April 12.  Jim was a 1967 graduate and a former faculty member.  They have been working in Northern Ireland.

This Just In....

The following is from a report by Marvin Ancell which will give you better news about the fires and the Christians involved:

Down south there has been at least 138 deaths with the total loss of 780 homes, so far.   We know that the congregational building  in Yakandandah is threatened with some of the members cut off from one another but all seem to be safe.  It is the worst fire storm in Australian history, with the brunt of it being down in and around Melbourne.  It has even got very close to the northern part of the city where many members of the church live and work.  At this moment, no one in the church has lost anything that we know of.

South Africa Trip 2008 Report

As most of you know, I have recently returned from a trip to South Africa to promote the Apollos Institute initiative. Here is a brief report for you to read. I have also completed the compiling of the questionnaire about their concerns and challenges in leadership in South Africa.

Apollos Institute Update

Just thought that you would like to know what is happening with Apollos Institute and the growing demand for leadership training.

Personal Update

What a ride we have had in the 40+ years since the Gray Eagle conferred his blessing on us and sent us out into the unsuspecting world - and, yes, the unsuspecting church as well!


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