Northeast Report


Kay and I just returned from our 15th annual trip to work with congregations in the Northeast.  I was able to speak to three congregations and members from several other congregations who attended the various events. 

The African Report - May-June 2009


African Newsletter Mar-Apr 2009 - Hogg's

Jerry Hogg's newsletter concerning his work in Africa.

April News from Africa

Dear Folks:

Getting home the 27th was good . I was so tired. During my six weeks away, I visited 5 countries which included Botswana, Malawi, South Africa, Zambia and Zimbabwe. It was the right timing and season for good weather on both sides - not too hot, not too cold in either place. Signs of early Fall and cooler temps were starting in the Southern Hemisphere where the days were getting shorter, the sun going down earlier. Our God has made a wonderful planet for His children as our temporary dwelling-place! 

Memorial - Ethel McGuiggan, wife of Jim McGuiggan

Jim McGuiggan's wife, Ethel McGuiggan, passed away on Sunday, April 12.  Jim was a 1967 graduate and a former faculty member.  They have been working in Northern Ireland.

April Update, Biblical Institute of Central America

Dear Co-workers,

Blessings to you and yours. Praise God for His grace and mercy. Much thanks to you for your financial help. Thanks for the many prayers. Last week, an elder told me that he prayed for me 5-6 times a week. That made my day/week!

Let’s look at the reports for the first 10-11 weeks of 2009. In Guatemala, we had 72 baptisms with 21 restorations. Some of the campaigns were more difficult because they were in 100% Mayan villages. The language and cultural difficulties naturally hindered the number of responses. We are happy to make these inroads.

Alumni Update from Randy Pritchett

I retired from fulltime work in 2002 after 39 years of fulltime preaching. I continue to preach from time to time, teach classes, write in our Web Page. I have just started so there's only a few articles posted with many, many more on the way.

I also continue to teach former members, prisoners, and released prisoners, by email, telephone and through the mail. As a result, some have started up classes and they are teaching.


This Just In....

The following is from a report by Marvin Ancell which will give you better news about the fires and the Christians involved:

Down south there has been at least 138 deaths with the total loss of 780 homes, so far.   We know that the congregational building  in Yakandandah is threatened with some of the members cut off from one another but all seem to be safe.  It is the worst fire storm in Australian history, with the brunt of it being down in and around Melbourne.  It has even got very close to the northern part of the city where many members of the church live and work.  At this moment, no one in the church has lost anything that we know of.

India Report 2009 Kochi and Pavarah from Tony Coffey

India India 2009


Photos. You can access the photo we took on our trip. They are in three categories: The Land. The Children. The Rice  Paddies.  I do hope you enjoy them.





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