Apr Monthly Ltr 6-1-13

Jerry & Ann Hogg 462 Amanda Circle * Knoxville, TN 37922 Phone: 865-777-1768 * Cell: 076-978-3465 (SA) Email: jvhogg@charter. net April 30, 2013 Dear Brethren:

BICA May 2013 Newsletter

Newsletter from the Biblical Institute of Central America

Important information on Charles Isenberg

Our office received this from Wayne Hatcher recently.

Dear Truitt,
I hope this finds you doing well and likewise for our beloved Sunset. 
I wanted to share some information about Charles C. Isenberg.  I sent out the following email last week, and thought I ought to at least let you know as well.  I'm thinking that you and Charles were in the same class at SSOP.  My purpose in sending this to you is not to ask for financial help but to let you know about Charles' condition so you and others at Sunset could remember him in prayer.  I pray that once Charles gets back to Kentucky that his condition might improve.  Blessings to you brother. 
Here is the email about Charles.  If you have any questions, feel free to call me. 



March 2013 Monthly Report

Jerry & Ann Hogg 462 Amanda Circle * Knoxville, TN 37922 Phone: 865-777-1768 * Cell: 076-978-3465 (SA) Email: jvhogg@charter. net March 31, 2013 Dear Brethren: We arrived back in Benoni, South Africa on 14 March. We were home again under the Ol’ Chestnut Tree. Though tired and a bit weary, we wasted no time unpacking and getting settled in. It was such a joy meeting the new crop of students at the Southern Africa Bible College (SABC) when I went for chapel the next morning. They sang as sweetly and harmoniously as only SABC can that day. It is always good to greet a new group of those who have come to learn more of God’s Word and become teachers and preachers in God’s Kingdom. We are glad to be here in South Africa once again. Because of the lack of insurance here and medical/dental issues, our grandson, Joey, did not come with us this year. When we left the States on March 13th, Joey was staying with his paternal grandparents and happy as a lark!

Jan-Feb-Mar 2013 African Newsletter

The African Report Newsletter: Jerry V. Hogg, 462 Amanda Circle, Knoxville, TN 37922 Email: jvhogg@charter.net January-February-March 2013 Sponsored by: Sunset Church of Christ, Sunset International Bible Institute, 3723 34th Street, Lubbock, TX 79410 A NEW BEGINNING After all the holidays, surgeries and rehabilitation are over, we are well into the year, anticipating our return to South Africa on 13 March. It has not been easy getting through this period of time, doing the usual holiday activities, while meeting many appointments for therapy, doctor follow-ups, plus going to many places telling of the work we do in Africa. In between these times, I have been able to teach an adult class at the West End church on Wednesday nights this quarter, using lessons from the Book of Psalms. I have been able to be in town most Wednesdays, except 2 or 3 when my dear friend and co-worker, Bill Elliott, has taken the class. Teaching here at home has been such a joy for me. But, then, I enjoy teaching wherever I am! VANISHED!

April BICA newsletter

Attached is the April newsletter for the Biblical Institute of Central America.

Atlantis Bulletin 3-2-13

Bulletin article by Raymond A. Leonard

Nov-Dec 2012 African Newsletter

HAPPY NEW YEAR! Now that the New Year is underway and the latest African Newsletter has been mailed, we can now forward that report to those whose physical address we do not have. Some may receive it in the regular mail, but many do not, especially our friends in South Africa. It is too costly to mail from here. Therefore, we are sending the report via email. This keeps many folks up-to-date on where we've been and what we've been doing the last 2 months. God bless all our friends and dear ones who encourage us and tell us you are praying for us. Your cards and notes to both Jerry and our grandson, Joey, have been received and are appreciated. Thank you so much.

Special Message from Randy Short

Message from Randy Short

Sep 2012 Monthly Report

Jerry & Ann Hogg 472 Amanda Circle, Knoxville, TN 37922 (865) 777-1768 * email: jvhogg@charter.net October 5, 2012 Dear Brethren: It’s almost time again to pack up the suitcases and board that plane heading home. With just a few days to go, the SABC Lectureship now history, we are all thinking of being with our friends and family on that side once more. It has been just grand being in Benoni this year. Having survived Winter out here, we look forward to a few days of Fall weather before Winter starts all over again for us. We totally missed Summer in the States this year. Pray for our safety and health as we travel North. Our Joey has 5 doctor appointments the week we land in Knoxville, and 2 others in November, with possibly 2 surgeries pending.



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