Donetsk Wins The UEFA Cup!

Donetsk Shakhtor (translated in English as the "Miners") shocked the world by winning the European championships in what we call soccer in the USA!  After beating their rivals, Kiev Dynamo, they bested one of Germany's best teams to become the champions!  As a former Ukrainian missionary, I can almost hear the horns blowing in the streets of Donetsk and fireworks filling the skies above the city. I've got my Donetsk flag out and plan on putting on my Shakhtor jersey as soon as I get back to the house!  Just as the Dallas Cowboys are America's Team, I'm going to assume that Donetsk is Europe's team. 

 I want to send my congratulations to Ukrainians everywhere, especially those from Donetsk.

Fox's Report from Ukraine

Week 2 – 2008

From Ron’s perspective:

We have finished our second week; one to go. The week started with a holiday, school was out Monday for Ukrainian Independence Day (August 24th). We took it easy because I was still trying to recover from a head/chest cold. We went with Jay Don and Mary Lee for lunch to the Banana Restaurant. We had tried it last year and Jay Don and Mary Lee had wanted to try it. The food was good; the atmosphere was strange. It is in a basement level area and is decorated to look like what the Ukrainians think a Cuban night club might be like. It has strange colors of paint splashed everywhere, feather boas glued to the ceilings and tropical birds in window cages that people at the sidewalk level can look down into. It also has paintings of Che Guevera and Fidel Castro all over the place and a map of Cuba with arrows and text that appear to describe the Bay of Pigs fiasco. The glorification of communism is not dead in spite of what it has done to this country; go figure!!


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