Keneth Baptism

Dear brethren, Please rejoice with us, in the baptism of Keneth from Nigeria. Keneth's wife, Cynthia is a graduate of AIBI and sister in Christ, and tonight we had the joy to witness him entering the gates of Kingdom. Please lift up to our heavenly Father prayers of thanksgiving and protection for Keneth and his family. Love Beni, Sonila Pictures are attached.

Justina Emenu baptism

Dear brethren, Greeting in the glorious name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. Please rejoice in prayers of thanksgiving for our new sister in Christ Justina Emenu. Tina (as we call her) has been a student of AIBI since February 2011 and today she was baptised for the remission of sins. Please lift up your prayers for Tina and her family. Love Beni, Sonila

The TIBI Herald - September 2010

Attached is the latest newsletter from Texas International Bible Institute.

Johnson's e-Journal

We had a great and productive time with Mark, Stuart and Cecilia while they were here. We had two two-day seminars on True Worshippers and True Worship. They also taught our English/Bible students reenforcing what we have been teaching them. Mark also preached twice at the new congregation in Cibitung and taught the Friday night Bible studies there too. I did a lot of translating which was very fun and challenging. Especially, when I translated for Stuart since he has a much different preaching style and vocabulary than myself. All-in-all it was a good time!

Smiths Newsletter - Newcastle, England

Today we awoke to the sun shining forth through a greyish morning sky. This doesn’t last long in Newcastle, being right on the coast of northern England. By the time you have hopped out of bed (or tumbled out of bed – whatever the case may be!) it could be throwing it down with rain with the sun having made a quick getaway. We make the most of sunny days!

Montgomery Family Update: May 2008

Howdy from El Paso! I hope this letter finds you all well and prospering as your soul prospers. Since our last newsletter, our family has experienced some substantial changes. Over the last few months Alicia and I have discussed the idea of her receiving some treatments from her Dr. in Ft. Worth. They consist of treatments once a week for 6 consecutive weeks. Obviously this was not possible while living in El Paso. Thus, we moved her and Bethany to Brady, Texas a couple of weeks ago. They will be staying with Alicia’s parents, and her dad will be taking her back a forth to Ft. Worth once a week for the treatments. While it is not ideal, we are all doing our best to get settled into the new living situation. Lord willing, we will be back together once we have moved everything to Houston-scheduled for the first week of June. From my perspective, that can’t happen soon enough!



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