January 2017 Aracaju Newsletter

Hello All!! I love you and I hope our humble newsletter encourages you in some way!! I am so abundantly blessed to be associated with each of you and I never stop thanking God for the many ways you enrich my life!! Thank-you Southgate people who print and fold and mail for us!! Beyond that you manage our checks that come in and write thank-you notes and work in so many ways on our behalf!! I appreciate you so very much!! May God receive all the glory for all that we do!! I love you all!! Marie

Deaf Mission Newsletter in Mexico

Read the exciting news concerning the deaf work in Mexico City.

January Newsletter

Attached is the latest news from Scotland. thanks again Polly

Mission News from Tim Brumfield

The attached newsletter is about what God is doing in South Sudan and Mozambique. I hope it is as thrilling to you as it is to me. May God bless you with His favorite blessings, Tim Brumfield 806-787-6351


Dear Partners & Family First of all, let me cite this phrase from Augustin; "My God .. You embraces me with your care, like you do not Looking forward to another one else, Just me .... Watches over me like you forgot the whole of creation .. Bestow me your gifts as if I alone the theme of your love .. I wish I love you, as you first, my God loved me..... Thanks you , Thank you my God." Kindly, find the enclosed attached newsletter. God has been doing wonderful things here in Egypt. Thank you for praying for my family and

From the Presistent Widow

Please put this attachment on your prayer list. Pray that we have a good response to be able to get the children to come to school. This is not connected to the day care we are trying to get set up. I believe the school will benefit from the day care. May God bless each of you and I pray for a safe Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. May God bless Wishing everyone a new year filled with exciting things to do for the Lord. Put him first and you will not fail. We have to remember he works in his time as his plans may not be our plans. We cover your prayers.

Recife End of 2016 Report

Good evening! We pray that you are having a fulfilling start to the year 2017. Please find our end of 2016 report attached. We ask that you continue to remember us and the work in Recife Brazil in your thoughts and prayers. We would appreciate volunteers from churches to print this report off and put on your bulletin board for those members who may not have access to a computer. Also we welcome names and addresses to add to our mailing list. Keep in touch! Blessings, Randy and Kathy

Israel's Newsletter

Read about the wonderful work in Vermont.

Lekas' AIBI Newsletter Fall 2016

Dear brethren, Greetings in the glorious name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. The attachment is the AIBI (Athens International Bible Institute) Newsletter for Fall Trimester 2016 (September-December). If you want the report in a higher quality, please download from the link. https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B60cfadbG1hgTXc5QTB2c2NVbDA/view?usp=sharing It is marvelous to see what God is performing through this school in Athens, Greece. Thank you for sharing your service to the Lord with us and for everything you are doing in Jesus. Love Beni, Sonila

Newsletter and Work Report

Sunset Family, Hey there! How are you all doing? We pray all is well! Here is our November - December Newsletter and Work Report! We are finally getting you all caught up on the Lord's work here, and already working on this month's newsletter! We love and appreciate you all! Danny and Lee



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