Pictures from Deaf Conference at Tulsa

The pictures took at International Souls Winning Workshop at Expo, many deaf came from Illinois, Indiana, Texas, Fla and few states I don't remember. It was so great to be gathered all deaf learning all various workshop and eventually the music they had interpreters for all of us.

Some of you know deaf preacher Carl Moore, he will soon move to Tulsa, will his work for the deaf church at Park Plaza Church of Christ. This is my third time I visited, really enjoyed myself...

I suggest for you to go there next year they will be held in end of March.

Jean Self


March 2008 Report

Life is not always fair! We often hear someone say, especially kids, "that’s not fair!" As adults, we try to explain the why’s and wherefore’s at those times. When we hear of illness or loved ones who die, even grown-ups think life is not fair: that person was so young, so healthy, so vibrant, or so important to his/her family, the community, the church. In the Bible, the word "fair" almost always refers to the female gender, fair damsel (I Kings 1:3), she was fair to look upon (Esther 1:11), or to fair weather (Job 37:22), and usually as an adjective, never an adverb. In most cases, we use fair as an adverb, something unjust!

Prayer Request

Please lift up the following request.

Prayers for Alumni

Just wanted to remind all of our Alumni that you were remembered today in chapel. We still continue the tradition of praying for you each and every Monday.

God Bless,
Jeff Rader

Goracke Update - March

Dear Family & Friends,

Incredibly, another month in this year is almost gone! But it has certainly been enjoyable to finally see spring arrive… even though in this part of the country most people would never agree that it is really here. We had 3 inches of snow after the first day of Spring officially arrived and it is still possible that our April showers might be snow showers. The temperature continues to get below freezing every night, but the days are warming up fast! On to the news of this past month!

Teaching at MacQuarie School of Biblical Studies

G'Day Mates,

StudentsI am sending this email to all of you at one time so I can't make it personal. I will just have to tell you what is going on and what I am experiencing while here in Sydney, Australia.

Focus on Asia - Singapore International Bible Institute

March 18, 2008

Dear Friends and Supporters,

We are happy to report to you that our plans for returning to our mission work in Asia are finalized and by the first week in April we hope to be settled in Singapore for the next session of classes. This will be our last newsletter from Lubbock, the next should come to you from Singapore in a new format.

Pictures from Swedru International Bible Institute


This was a recent photographs taken by the staff, the student body and the secretary. We tried to be traditional this time around so we put on a traditional clothes on. Post it on your website.

Update from Phil Geeck

Dear Brethren,

Greetings. I thought I would bring you up to date in respect to Holly, our daughter-in-law. When we petitioned you for prayers, the situation did not look good. Basically, her liver shut down and the doctors were having trouble stabilizing it. After five days trying different treatments, they gave her two blood transfusions which seemed to jump-start her liver into action After eight days in the hospital, she returned home, on December 27th, to begin her long road to recovery. During the whole ordeal, she lost nearly sixty pounds. She is starting to regain some of that weight back.

In April, Holly will go back to a specialist to determine if she will need a liver transplant. We are hoping that she won't have that need. Part of the strain is that she and Terry don't have insurance and the cost of eight days of hospitalization and a new cost of hospitalization and a transplant will be overwhelming. We are confident that God will provide one way or another. They are trying to get on an Oregon state supported health plan. If this works, it will greatly help to cover any future costs.


To Eat or Not Eat An Iguana



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