February Newsletter Issue #4 (Travel Journal)

Hello, Everyone! I'm hoping that you'll be ok with the change in format for this month. The guys are going into finals tomorrow, which means that it felt like my finals were last week. So I had less time to spend on the Newsletter because of finals prep, and the amount of work that went into the last one. If you're wondering whether you missed Issue #3, you didn't. It was replaced by a report to the Board of Directors, so I continued the numbering even though the report was in anticipation of an upcoming MIBI Board meeting. Anyway, this format gave me the freedom to add video. So thanks for your patience and, God willing, you'll find this one helpful in understanding a little more of what's happening on this side of the globe. Blessings 'til later though! https://mdcampbell7.wordpress.com/2016/02/19/february-15-2016-newsletter-issue-4-2/ -Marcus