Dear Friends, I am home today! Thank you God and all the prayers from all of our love ones in America. It has been very hard in the past two weeks. The pain that started on Monday morning, February 1st., at around 4.00 am was the kind of pain I never experienced in my life. I had back surgery some seventeen years ago to remove slipped disc. The pain and the numbness at that time was not compared to the one this time. Penjai called ambulance to take me to the hospital in the morning. After tests the first two days with special x-Ray, the result came back to confirm the bad case of back muscles inflection and slipped disc. It took a week for the acute pain to reduce. Physical Therapy followed with very strong injections. Now, I can walk with cane. The doctors and us agreed that the surgery now will not permit me to travel to America next month to visit churches, friends and supporters. I just have to be careful moving around. But this Celebrex 400 mg. and other medicines are very expensive. I still have to go t the hospital everyday for the Physical Therapy. I hate these hot pad, body stretch and medicines. I love that Penjai pays a lot more attention to me, Ha Ha! From the desk of Patinya Thitathan. Also, putting another stent into my heart will wait till we come back from America. On last Thursday, Penjai, the doctors and I had a good talk. The doctors told me that I need to be careful to stay alive, and after the surgery, I will be a new young man for another twenty years. I like that. Next week, my good friend, Jerry and Meg Canfield, will come to visit us in Thailand and Laos. The Laotian leaders and preachers will come across the river to meet and talk about the works and the future of the works in Laos. This is exciting to me. Have a safe flight Jerry and Meg. I am starting the new phase of the work, Tai for the Savior, for the works both in Thailand and Laos. Some major changes are coming in the methods and to help evangelize to the lost. About ten years, ago, Truitt Adair, came to hold a revival at Watcharapon Church of Christ in Bangkok. He taught about "The Church Planting Movement". That has been in my mind. I and the team members are thinking on the way to move the churches in Thailand. Some churches in Thailand have grown from the "Child Period". Now, they can build their own buildings and support their own preachers. These churches is low in number, but they need to grow further. The need to think about other locations. I have a friend who just moved from us to start a new work. I am planning to see how we in Bangkok could use our Bible students from BSLI to help him. The distance is the problem, and the students have to study everyday in classes. One of the new method at the Bible school is to reschedule the study weeks with breaks in between the terms to allow me to send students for "Practical Training" with new and small churches around the country. Pray for me as I am looking into the future. This means that I may have extend from two-year curriculum to three-year curriculum. Pray for us. Sorry for taking too long to write this letter and to think out loud. I am exciting for the future. May our Heavenly Father bless you richly as we serve Him together both in America and Thailand. Thank you for your prayers and support. In His Loving Care, Patinya & Penjai Thitathan Tai for the Savior Bangkok, Thailand Correction! If I had a surgery now, I will not be able to go to America next month. Si The surgery for the slipped disc and putting another stent in my heart will wait till I come back from America. Patinya