AIMers in Napier, New Zealand

Greetings from chilly, yet extremely cool, Napier! The AIMers in Napier have dealt with some adversity regarding coordinators and other things, but are serving God mightily and doing great things for the Kingdom in Napier. Pictured here (from left to right) are Michael, Michael, Daniel, Rashawn, and Smokey (bottom). They are innovative and diligent and we should all be proud of their efforts. As you can see, when it is summer up there, it is winter 'down under'. Brrr!

Dwight and I left Napier and are now safely with the church planting team in Auckland. We will worship with them this morning and enjoy two and a half days together. Last night, we watched New Zealand and South Africa play Rugby on TV together (congratulations to Jerry Hogg and the other South Africa fans) - bit of a downer here.

We continue to be safe and happy. The itch to see my wife and sons gets stronger day by day, but the joy of seeing our mission efforts in Australia and New Zealand is huge!

More later!