Brief report from Duane and Phyllis Morgan

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ, Phyllis and I are in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. We arrived here just yesterday. Our main objective here is for her to get a thorough check-up, including mammogram, since she has long been enrolled here in her home country in a health plan that is both comprehensive and affordable. I can also get thoroughly checked out, since it is a family plan. Our appointment is on February 15. We are also trying to rest a bit, since the eighteen months we have been married have been full of travel and intensive work, in Texas, California (for Ron's retirement ceremony after 26 years in the Army), Jakarta, Central Java, North Sumatra, Semarang, Syurdori, Serui, Jayapura, Polimak, Sentani, Santosa, Kehiran, KM 58, Nias, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Johor Baru, Biak, Waropen, Limbangan, Malacca, Wonogiri, etc. There have been many devotionals, sermons, home Bible studies, evangelistic discussions, spiritual counselling, congregational seminars, gospel meetings, leadership training, WBS coordination, etc., in numerous countries, provinces, cities, towns, and villages, with more than 1,600 people, total. We have traveled by ship, airplane (from jet airliners to puddle jumpers), dugout canoe, motorbike, bus, taxi, becak (motorized tricycle), and on foot, from megacities on Java to rain forests in Papua. We have slept in hotels and on the floors of rustic cabins on the frontier. We have eaten at restaurants, at food stalls, sitting on the ground in open air, etc., with food ranging from high cuisine to village chickens and tropical fruits/vegetables. I have preached and taught in air conditioned, well-lit meeting places in cities and also by flashlight in mountain villages. Hopefully, you have been receiving and reading the frequent dispatches from the field, with many photos attached. We will return to Indonesia from Malaysia within three weeks, Lord willing, since we have a Bible seminar scheduled in Jakarta later this month followed by a challenging itinerary back and forth across the 3,100-mile-long Indonesian archipelago throughout this year with steadily increasing numbers of people. Most of those are in continuation of what we have planned and implemented consistently for 31 years in this nation, with Christians I have known and worked with for decades where there were previously no congregations of the Lord's church. All of this is thrilling, fun, effective, and exhausting! By the way, Phyllis has taken it all in stride, having a positive influence everywhere we go. The city girl is much more than that at heart, since she loves the Lord and all the people He loves, too! Please give our love to all. We thank God for everybody who prays for us faithfully and helps us so generously. Yours in Christ Jesus, Phyllis and Duane Morgan