The South African Report - Jerry Hogg

Isaiah 59:19 – “From east to west everyone will fear him and his great power. He will come like a rushing river, like a strong wind.” Man has always respected the wind’s force. Wind has the power to destroy, but also to restore, supply (as with windmills), to cleanse (sweep clean or vacuum). God often used the wind for good: to dry up the land after the Great Flood so Noah and his family could get on with their lives; to deliver Moses and those fleeing from the Egyptian army; to cause the sound of a great army when Israel was outnumbered by enemies. In modern days, we hear phrases like: “blowing in the wind,” and “winds of change;” when rumors and speculation result in idle talk. Then, we say certain folks are just “blowing off steam” or they are a “wind-bag”!!! Sometimes, we must accept what the “wind blows in,” being unable to alter the situation, as with the storms of life. However, opportunities for good may face us when winds of change come knocking on our door, sometimes not! As Christians, though, we must depend upon God to guide us through times of change, to weigh every opportunity in light of His Word. When circumstances demand action and the Lord opens doors, aren’t we commanded to comply? Read more in the attached PDF
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