Apollos Institute Update

Just thought that you would like to know what is happening with Apollos Institute and the growing demand for leadership training.

South Africa: Bill Sampson, one of the elders from East Brainerd, and I will be going to Benoni, South Africa. I will be speaking at the annual seminar of the Southern African Bible College. The 2008 SABC Lectureship is scheduled for Sunday, 28 September through Thursday, October 2. The theme is "Spreading the Flame", emphasizing missions, evangelism, and training. Jerry Hogg is the fine director of the school.

SABC has a long history of training preachers and leaders of the church in SA. Therefore the school seemed a logical place to establish a link with the leaders of the church in that area for the promotion of the Apollos Leadership Seminar and to get their input into what needs to be discussed and covered in the seminar. (As you know, this is one of the purposes of making the promotional trips. We need the input of local leaders.)

Botswana: After the seminar, Dennis Melepa, the director for the training school in Gaborone, Botswana, will take us to Gaborone to speak to the leaders there. Dennis and I have known each other since he and his family were in Lincoln, Ne. going to University of Nebraska and Anne and I work with the 56th and Vine congregation.

Singapore: In December I will be flying to Singapore and speaking to leaders there. Several churches will be involved. I am also holding a brief seminar on "Why are we called into the body?" The saints of the Pasir Panjang church are already sending missionaries to several countries of the Pacific rim and China and I am looking forward to our being together. Plus, it is one of the newest school of the SIBI system. Charles Cook and Tom Goracke have just this year arrive to direct and teach in the school. I am also talking to individual professors, or potential teachers for the lectures.