From Duane and Phyllis

Brethren, I preached this morning for the Blok M congregation here in Jakarta. After worship, I taught an introductory lesson for an hour as preparation for the seminar already taught in North Sumatra and Papua. After the hour was up, the brothers and sisters attending asked that the full seminar be delayed until February so members of other congregations in Jakarta can be informed and invited to participate. I agreed, of course. That means they will arrange a larger meeting place, probably a convention room in a hotel or business tower. Again, I am pleased with their initiative. Later this afternoon, I received a telephone call from Chris Payawa, a leader in the church at Seui, Papua Province. He shared good news about progress in obtaining visas for Phyllis and me again in the easternmost province of the Republic of Indonesia. That is very encouraging, too. We discussed plans for gospel meetings, leadership training, and Bible seminars in five different congregations there next month. He requested, though, that we schedule the seminar in Serui last, toward the end of January, since the brethren in that town have an active ministry with World Bible School correspondence students and want a little extra time to prepare them for the gospel meeting after what will be a WBS seminar. We have experience with such WBS seminars. Seven members of the church in Serui attended just such an event in Semarang, Central Java, in the year 2000. One hundred thirty-seven people attended that seminar, and twelve were baptized into Christ after thirty days of Bible classes--seven days a week--following the public event. Please pray for us, brethren. Day by day, there are more opportunities and, consequently, more commitments. We need to stay healthy. Even now, I am nursing Phyllis through a fever and accompanying pain and discomfort. Please pray for her, too. Thank you again and again for your participation in this ministry. We love and appreciate each of you. Yours in Christ, Duane & Phyllis Morgan