Mission Update - (Marcus to MIBI)

For all who have contributed and/or expressed an interest in this mission, if I haven't said it enough already: thank you! Attached is the first official Mission Update (AKA - Newsletter) celebrating the completion of my first month in the field. I hope that you find it at least somewhat interesting, and more importantly, that you feel absolutely free to give us constructive feedback on things that we can improve going froward. Moreover, if you hear of anyone not getting updates who wants them - or anyone who doesn't need to continue getting these updates - please let me know. A special thanks goes out to Kirk Hayes though. He's a long-time missionary in Kenya who was one of my first ministry teachers---even before I went to Sunset. Huge thanks, Kirk, for everything that you've done to help me guide me along this path. In particular though, thanks for reducing the size of this PDF to something that will actually fit in a standard email. :) For those worried, it's not lengthy, but if you've seen my previous productions you'll know that I'm fond of graphics and photos that can be difficult to send via email. Anyway, here it is, and I'll look forward to being in touch with you all later...