AIMers in Tauranga, New Zealand

Greetings from New Zealand where you can enjoy the beach all winter long! Here I am pictured with our Tauranga AIMers: Jana, Kristi, Ashtin and Kayla (in that order - left to right). As you can see, the water is blue, the trees are green and this quartet of young ladies are very happy to be on the AIM field in New Zealand. They are doing a great job of contacting and conversing with non-Christians, getting to know and minister to their church family, getting settled in their new home, and becoming an active part of the local congregation. Dwight and I have both been very pleased with the comments that we have heard regarding these young Christian ladies and it's obvious that the congregation here is being very responsive to them. I feel confident that their time in new Zealand will go well.

Tomorrow morning, Dwight and I will be leaving for Napier to see our other AIM team in New Zealand, and then we will be off to Auckland to visit with our mission team there for a few days.  We have heard great things about all of them from the Brethren here in Tauranga. Sunset is well represented in Kiwi Country.


Chris - I wish I could be you. Go all over the world and check on AIMers. Good stuff.

Treey, I would love to have you go with me. Pick a part of the world and we will go! Chris Swinford Dean of International Studies Sunset International Bible Institute