It is always exciting to visit one of our ministry training schools and to preach and teach in local congregations, but it is even more exciting to do it with a dedicated mission partner. Mark Samsill (pictured left) is a member of the Sunset Council, an elder of the College Hill congregation in Fort Worth (my sponsoring congregation) and a good friend and mission worker. With his family, he came to Australia to bless the Christians here and see this important work.  Mark and I have taught side by side in Malawi, Tanzania, Ukraine, Australia, Texas, Wyoming, South Dakota and probably a few plaves I am forgetting. He has spoken in worship services, classes, seminars and chapel services around the world in Sunset's International Schools and the congregations that support them. We will be returning to Malawi later this year together to continue in the efforts of Sunset and College Hill. What a blessing it is to have supporters who leave the comfort of home to become true partners and what a blessing it is to have a sponsoring congregation who has sent dozens of likeminded Christians to work beside their missionaries in Africa, Eastern Europe, Mexico and around the globe. Brenda and I have always felt very fortunate to have a sponsoring congregation that did more than sent a check to us, they sent their members and leaders to work beside us. Recently when my grandmother died, it was the preacher at College Hill who took my place in the classroom so that I could preach the funeral. This kind of partnership is invaluable.

I would hope to encourage all of those who support mission works around the world to become personally invested in that effort. Wouldn't it be great to have a picture of yourself stand, Bible in hand, teaching the gospel to those in foreign lands?  I can guarantee you that your life will never be the same!  I must warn you, however, I once went as a visiting teacher to Donetsk, Ukraine and returned to the US a very different man. This kind of ministry can become addictive! Just ask Mark, Kelle, Tyler, Colton and Katie!