Trumball Outreach Newsletter 8/2008

What’s Been Happening
In early August, we successfully completed our annual Vacation Bible School (VBS) program. The program ran every night (Mon.-Fri.) for a week. We transformed our fellowship area into a 1st Century Market Place. Our market place was created to replicate what a market place would have been like during the time that Jesus walked the earth. We had a scribe, a blind man begging for alms, a potter, tax collector, carpenter, and baker. We also had skits going on around the market place that would portray some of the parables that Jesus taught. All who were involved had a great time! Unfortunately, our Family Encampment had to be canceled due to the temporary closing down of the camp that we had booked. This was okay as we did not allow that to stop us from fellowshipping. An outing for a day at the beach was planned and many were able to still get together on that weekend. August ended with our Families with Young Children Back to School Picnic. The children had fun eating, playing games, doing crafts (pictured below), and making ice cream Sundays. Fortunately, we had a few children bring their friends to the picnic, which is a great opportunity to bring new people into the Lord’s church. Our Bible Study by Mail program is still moving along at an exciting rate. We just received our eleventh request for a study in the mail last week. Not only do we have eleven Bible Students involved in the program, we have six members involved in grading the tests and corresponding with the students. Our mailings of the House to House publication has brought some of these students to us, as well as other people interested in the church of Christ. Some of these programs take time to get going, but we are seeing that with time, they are growing and planting seeds in the hearts of others.

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