Aug-Sep 2015 Hogg Newaletter

The African Report Newsletter: Jerry V. Hogg, 462 Amanda Circle, Knoxville, TN 37922 Email: Aug-Sep 2015 Sponsored by: Sunset Church of Christ, Sunset International Bible Institute, 3723 34th Street, Lubbock, TX 79410 “HANGING IN THERE”! Where does the time go? Seems only yesterday that we left the USA heading for the ‘land down under’ – South Africa! Ann made the trip okay, but we both were tired and weary upon arrival, though we never counted on her getting so sick a week later with dizziness and upset tummy so bad that her blood pressure went up and she had to spend a week in hospital to get things under control again. Getting through that, physically and financially, was a major hurdle, but we survived. From then on, we watched both her blood pressure and her blood sugar daily to make sure both were stable and within normal range. Now, we are almost ready to pack up and head home again! Yes, when you get older, it seems like time does get away so rapidly. See you on the Other Side! August was a busy month for me, with a weekend Retreat away from home, teaching Revelation on Sunday mornings at Benoni and doing some special “Seminars” on alternate Saturdays at SABC. But, I enjoyed it immensely. Keeping busy helps pass the time, too. Also, I’ve done some personal counseling with SABC students and church members this month. This is something one cannot freely discuss, of course, but it has kept me busy trying to help others overcome problems they face in life. ALL IN THE FAMILY Stephen Donahue, Ann’s great-nephew and a member of the church in East Knoxville, spent a month in hospital with an terrible infection that was diagnosed finally as pneumonia. Because he is a quadripligetic, having been injured by a stray bullet when he was 19 years old, that lodged in his upper spine, he does not feel pain and therefore cannot tell where the infectious problem might be coming from--organs or limbs, etc. He was tested and treated and released with an anti-biotic, but no other solution. He needs our prayers. Varnell (Nell) Donahue Schaffner, Ann’s (almost) 83-year-old sister, is not doing well, we are told, as she struggles daily with limb weakness and dementia. Nell also needs our prayers. Ann’s youngest brother, Ray Donahue, Sr. has 3 daughters and 1 son, The oldest, Pam, spent several days in the hospital recently, being treated for a stab wound, inflicted by a disgruntled boyfriend. Do not know the outcome of all that at this time, but she is home. His son - Ray, Jr (Ray Jay they call him) has been in the last stages of Mesothelioma, caused from exposure to asbestos while installing it. He died the 25th of Sep.! He was to be buried Sep. 29th on the family farm in Union Couny. Ray Jay was baptized about 2 weeks before he died. Pray for comfort and peace for this dear family. Three of Ann’s brothers, K.O. Harold, and Wayne Donahue – she has NINE brothers (4 are deceased). These 3 have all been in the hospital for some time/each since we left this year, as they suffer with heart problems and other symptoms of old age that we all must deal with at times. We are learning that it doesn’t “pay” to get old! Most of us expect it as we age, but not ME? We will think. Our daughter, Rhonda Hogg Milsap, has also had some special treatments at the hospital for her kidneys and her liver, we learned in early August. The treatments are to prevent ongoing dialysis of the kidneys and/or liver failure, we were told. These are not necessarily old age problems, as she only turned 40 this month (25th of Sept), but developed unexpectedly She definitely needs our prayers for healing! Terrie Huff Warren, Ann’s niece, – again, we must continue to pray for this brave, dear one who had bladder cancer surgery in April, that we wrote about last time. She did not have to have her bladder removed, as some doctors suggested, but she has had radiation treatments administered to save it. The treatments themselves, we learned, make her weak and listless for a few days afterwards. She is awaiting now a test to learn “if” the cancer is all gone. Pray that it is and she’ll be okay. She and her husband, Mark, and their 3 kids are great workers in the East Brainerd church in Chattanooga. SEPTEMBER’S SCHEDULE This is the last month before our annual SABC Lectureship, so that means I am in charge of getting confirmations from all 12 of our Americans speaking this year, as well as from those in South Africa. To say it sounds like an easy task or a “cushy” job is misleading. In all the years I’ve held the title of “Lectureship Director”, I have not had such a problem of confirming speakers as I’ve seen this time. Right now, I’m down to the wire hearing from the last name on the list, and he’s a South African! I have sent him emails, tried phone calls, and text messages, all to no avail! The post office here is useless. Still don’t know IF he’s even going to be here in a month’s time or not. We’ll see what happens now. Right now, my “job” is ‘up for grabs’. Any takers? Want MY job? NEWS FLASH! Just got an email from one of our American speakers late last night that his step-father is on the verge of dying this week, so he won’t be able to come! He already has his ticket to travel. He did promise to get some DVD’s to us, though. We already have his printed lessons. Printing began yesterday on the Lectureship Book. See what I’m saying? Things have been awful this year. We must get through this in the next next week and a half! On September 6, Ann and I went to the Tshiwelo Church in Soweto, Southwest of Johannesburg, where I preached about the “changes” some congregations have adapted. This is a Venda congregation, trying to adhere to the Truth following the pattern that has been preached to them from the Scriptures, as John Hardin and I preached it many times in the various churches and tent meetings in their Venda homeland for years. The older ones, a lot of whom were converted in the ‘60's and ‘70's are trying to lead the way for the younger ones now growing up in the church. Teaching Schedule At Benoni, I began teaching the Sunday morning Bible Class for Adults in the Auditorium at the beginning of Winter, in June, on the Book of Revelation. It has gone well and folks seem to enjoy the studies. I have plans to finish my outline, and the class, by the end of September. The SABC 2015 Lectureship will begin the first week of October (4-8). After that, we plan to head back to the States, and will be very busy there, speaking to all our supporting churches, and many other appointments. Pray for our success in all our travels, and that we stay well and healthly. Aug-Sep 2015 HEADING NORTH (HOME) AGAIN In 19 days now, we will pack up and head home to see our family, visit and speak to supporting churches, and do all the doctor rounds (update our meds, etc.) – things we usually do while we’re in the States! Then, the holidays-- Thanksgiving, Christmas and the New Year ahead, end-of-the-year events, which will keep us busy, as you well know. However, we look forward to catching up on the news, watching some American football, and good times w/family at home and with all those who have supported us this year, as we travel about! NEWS ON THE LOCAL SCENE Burglaries in our Area There were 8 home-burglaries recently in an 80-unit complex where several elderly Benoni members live. One woman (not one of our members) was out in her small front yard, watering her plants, when a couple came along and began chatting to her, admiring her flowers, etc. Soon, the man grabbed his stomach and said he’d eaten something for lunch that didn’t agree with him and asked “if” he could go inside to her bathroom. The lady stayed outside, still admiring the flowers and talking. The man soon came out and they left. Sometime later, when the resident woman went inside, she found that her small safe had been pried open and its contents were gone! Such tricks are used to rob an unsuspecting homeowner by someone you’d never think would do such a thing. Fortunately, the dear woman was left unharmed! Load-Shedding Recently, at the Bible College, the copper wire was dug-up and stolen from the electric cable during a routine “load-shedding” when the power is turned off in a certain area for 2 to 3 hours! Had they done this while the electricity was on, they could have/probably would have been electrocuted! But, they’re wise enough to know the schedule and wait for the electricity to be systematically shut-down for a long period. ******* Until we meet again..... God bless & Keep you. We love you with the “Love of the Lord”!! – Jerry & Ann Hogg September 30, 2015