Ministry Training - Asia, June 2008 from George Carman

SIBI’s schools in Asia have really progressed over the past few years. In 2003 we had only one school (Batam, Indonesia). Today we have nine schools with the possibility of two more coming on line before the end of the year. Things are coming together and we praise God for His blessings.
Our team of workers in Singapore has now grown to two families. Dr. Cook serves as Resident Dean of the Singapore school and Tom Goracke serves as Dean of students.
Dr. Charles Cook and his wife, Tamara, arrived in Singapore a couple of months ago. Tom, Nancy and children arrived last month. With both men and their families on the field, we can now expect the school in Singapore to develop quickly. Several courses have already been taught with more coming on a regular basis. Right now Charles Cook is teaching a course on church development with an emphasis on Servant Leadership. In July, Gerald Paden, a longtime instructor at SIBI in Lubbock, will teach Sacrificial Systems and the book of Hebrews. More good instructors are lined up for future classes.
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You have managed to find time to do one more thing! You amaze me. Thank you for this great connection to Sunset and its activities. I am looking forward to the opportunity to keep track of you and your work and that of Sunset. You are in my prayers as well as Hilda. Praise God for me like you George. You do not have to respond to this note, I know how busy you are. Your brother in Christ, Mike Bullard

Hi Mike, I am never too busy to reply to friends. Thanks for the encouragement. God's blessings, George