SA Report for May 2008

May 31, 2008

Dear Ones:

Whatever would we do without modern-day technology -- email, international banking, and convenient air travel? Many of our missionary friends traveled to Africa back in the 40's and 50's by freighter ship that sometimes took 4 to 6 weeks from the USA, some being stranded for weeks in South America or Europe awaiting the next voyage on to Africa. The jet age improved travel tremendously. When we first arrived in South Africa back in 1969, letters to and from the States required anywhere from 8 to 10 days by air, and 2 to 3 months by sea. Email has changed that.

I remember once that our monthly funds did not arrive at the end of that month. Somehow, the treasurer had failed to mark the envelope Avia Air Mail and it ended up on a slow boat headed our way. That was really a long month for us. As I recall, the brethren in Boksburg, where I was preaching at the time, found out about our predicament and loaned us enough for rent money and necessities that month until the check finally pitched up. Being left stranded high and dry on the mission field is no fun, whether intentional or accidental! We are thankful that God has allowed technology to advance to its present state and we don’t experience that any more.

Your faithful support of us here in South Africa helps provide for the things we need to sustain life and do the work required. In addition to our own traveling expenses to teach and preach in various places, office maintenance, and personal needs, we help the Bible College with special projects as often as we can. God has been good to us by allowing us to supply some necessities for folks along the way. When a missionary struggles to just get by, he cannot help others in dire situations. We are operating our own soup-kitchen right here at the front gate feeding many who ring the bell.

We are also grateful for brethren who sent funds to help us get the new computers and internet access up and running at the Southern Africa Bible College. It is such a blessing to have reliable equipment and members of the staff are now up-to-speed. Curtis Hays & family arrived May 23rd with some firewalls and additional security for our computers. He raised some funds and persuaded others to donate some of the hardware needed for the college. When the family arrived from Texas, he said they had 7 large pieces of luggage, but only 3 were their personal items, 4 contained computer stuff for SABC. That is really encouraging. They are visiting friends on the coast now, and will be here next week to spend a few days installing what he has brought for our computer systems. Glad they are here.

Other visitors include Cindy Robinson from Abilene May 14th for an overnighter with us on her way to teach at Namwianga mission school in Zambia this summer/winter (for us). She said about 200 from the Hillcrest church in Abilene are due this summer with the medical team, including her husband, Johnny. He has fully recovered from the surgery to remove a brain tumor in August 2005 and is ready to work again. Dan & Carolyn Spann arrived the 23rd from Knoxville with Robert Simpson & Blake Wilkerson. They also came ready to work. While here, Carolyn is doing an inventory in SABC library and assisting our student-librarian, Jody, with cataloguing and further training in library science. Dan has taught classes, spoken in chapel, and preached in several places. Robert & Blake have conducted some special seminars and taught classes for the Youth in Benoni and Venda. The boys did a fantastic job in the sessions I have witnessed. Their parents would be proud of them. They will conduct a seminar in Cape Town before they leave the 10th of June. We feel so blessed when visitors come to labor alongside of us. God is good. May peace and joy be with you in your daily walk of life.

Training Men for the Master in Africa,
Jerry V. Hogg
Southern Africa Bible College