Hello from Lubbock!

Well, the new AIM class has just begun their third week of class already! So far they have spent a weekend in Canadian, Texas and the following weekend in Denver City and Clovis. It has been a great few weeks so far and we are looking forward to the next weeks and months. In just two weeks they will be spending several days learning the Mark Study and right after that we head to Kentucky, Tennessee and Harding for the World Missions Experience (formerly World Missions Workshop). There they will be meeting with about 1000 other college-age students who are interested in missions and hearing from missionaries sharing their experiences and wisdom. We would like to ask you to be praying for our AIM team in Sucre, Bolivia. Their coordinators Erik and Jenny Reyes have had to move back to the States suddenly because of the health problems of their son. It was a very difficult decision for them so keep them in your prayers as well. We are currently looking for a possible missionary couple to take their place as AIM coordinators or also considering possible other mission works where we could move them to. Please pray for open or shut doors so that we can resolve things as soon as possible. In the meantime there are some great people in Sucre who are there for support and guidance such as Brittney (Williams - AIM 2010) and her husband Ronald as well as Angela Myers (AIM 2000) so they are in good hands while we figure things out. Tomorrow will be our 3rd brownbag with this new class. We want to encourage AIMers everywhere to write short brownbags regularly so that the new class can be encouraged by you as well as get a more realistic view of what happens on the mission field. So, tell us of your funny things, your prayer requests, your frustrations, lessons you are learning, people you are meeting, things about your teammates, about the church, about the culture, etc. We will try to always stream the brownbags live at www.youtube.com/aimsunset so go and check them out. They are also recorded so you can also go and watch them later if you can't see them live. Personally I am ready for some jacket weather around here! It is always funny what people think when they move to Lubbock from other places. We've had several AIMers ask us if they'll get to see any dust storms. Several have never seen snow before and are looking forward to that too. Keep the new class in your prayers. We've got a long way to go in the training but it is also something we look forward to a lot! AIMing with you, Kris Smith