April 2008 Newsletter - Dan Bratcher

Danny Bratcher
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April 2008
Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

You can tell that the winter season is upon us because with it comes the rain. Even though we have days of rain throughout the summer, winter is considered the rainy season because the rain is more frequent. However, that isn’t a bad thing because when winter comes, so do the groups from the states! And there are several groups who will be coming to Recife over the next few months!

One group has already come this month. It was a group of four men from the Hartselle Church of Christ in Hartselle, Alabama. They were here as representatives of their church, which is interested in the possibility of helping us to establish an orphanage here in Recife. It was really a great visit! The men were very enjoyable to be around and seemed to be impressed with the work here, and with the ideas for the orphanage.

They also seemed impressed with all of the people who were involved with the planning of the orphanage. These people not only include us, but other churches, a judge, and the federal police, just to name a few. The men plan to return to their church, where they will meet with the elders, and then the congregation about helping to organize the orphanage here.

April was also the month for the Congresso in Northeast Brazil. The Congresso is a four day seminar for the people in the Northeast who are unable to make the seminar in São Paulo. Unlike the seminar in São Paulo, the nice thing about the Congresso is that it moves around to a different city in the Northeast each year. With it moving each year, there is an opportunity to see different cities, and the churches there.

This year, the Congresso was held in the city of João Pessoa, which is where some of my childhood friends are working. Joseph and David McKinney, Hunter and Lori Hagewood, Jeremy Newlin, along with their families, and their parents, Joe and Linda McKinney, and Mark and Caroline Hagewood, all work in João Pessoa. Next year, the Congresso is planned to be in the city of Maceió.

Another thing that we have the opportunity to do is to visit other churches around the Recife area to encourage them. Often times, these are very small churches that have been started by Brazilians. To have the missionaries visit these different congregations is always a boost to their members. The last visit we made was to the Parque Church of Christ. I had my first “official” act in the worship. The men asked me to do a small talk and prayer for the contribution, and even told me that I could do it English. However, I was able to do both the talk and prayer in Portuguese with what Portuguese I knew.

I continue to have my Portuguese classes each week. However, beginning in May, I will be reducing my classes to Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. It is not because I do not need the extra classes, but because I need the time to absorb what I am learning.

On a personal note, our prayers that my truck would sell have been answered! My friends at the Fireman’s Credit Union have been working very hard to sell my truck, and recently sold it for me. Their hard work, and your prayers, has been a blessing to me!

Also, Lee and I continue to do well and grow closer. I thank God for her, and her serving heart, each day. I am always amazed just to watch Lee work on the many different projects she is involved with. From projects for the women and children to organizing things for the orphanage, she is constantly working for the kingdom!

Please continue to pray for these things.
1. For the lost people of Brazil
2. For the growth of the Boa Viagem church here in Recife
3. For the success of the Bible and preaching school here in Recife
4. For the success of all the upcoming projects and visits
5. For the children of the Procrescer project
6. For the planting of the orphanage and the incoming orphans
7. For God to help me in learning Portuguese
8. For God to help me to find a vehicle here
9. For the exchange rate to increase
10. For Lee and me
11. For all the work done here to glorify God!

Thank you all for your prayers and support. I am humbled to think that without your help, I could not be here doing what God has laid before me! I pray God’s blessings upon you all! I am continually thankful for you and your hearts for the lost men, women, and children in Brazil!

With the Love and Peace of Christ,
Danny Bratcher