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The African Report Newsletter: Jerry V. Hogg, 462 Amanda Circle, Knoxville, TN 37922 Email: June-July 2015 Sponsored by: Sunset Church of Christ, Sunset International Bible Institute, 3723 34th Street, Lubbock, TX 79410 “A MID-SUMMER NIGHT’S DREAM” This being Summer-time in the USA, folks usually take the family for a get-away at some point. Sometimes during these months, we get visits from teachers and college-age students here in Africa who come for missions. Many don’t count on our seasons here being opposite from the Northern hemisphere, though, and are not usually prepared for the cold winds we get, blowing off the snows on the Drakensberg Mtns. to the south of us. This June has been a very cold month, but it probably will get worse in July & August. When traveling to an area you’re not very familiar with, it is best to check with your travel agent or airline for advice on what to bring with you. But, at any time, though, it is advisable to carry a sweater or light jacket, just in case(?) A HOLIDAY IN EUROPE In March of this year, Ann’s niece, Terrie Huff Warren, had bladder-cancer surgery. The doctor told her afterwards her bladder would have to be removed later, because of all the scraping they had to do to get the tumor out. But, Terrie began researching and found a doctor in Atlanta who has had success “saving” the bladder by some treatments he uses. In April, she had this procedure done at the Emory Hospital in Atlanta. Now, she is to have a series of follow-up treatments after their 2-week tour of Europe. In June, she and her husband, Mark, 3 grown children, and her sister, Angie Huff, went for a long-planned tour of 3 major cities in Europe: London, Paris & Rome. We have hoped (and invited them) for years to visit us here, but that hasn’t happened yet. Her dad, Bob Huff, came with me last year and spoke on our SABC Lectureship. For Terrie & her family, it was the “dream” of a lifetime: to visit museums, cathedrals, & beautiful ancient architectural buildings, with so many places to eat! From their reports on Facebook and the photos we saw, they had a ball! In a couple of photos, we saw they were wearing jackets, so it must have been cold there, too! We’re just so happy Terrie was well enough to make the trip and enjoy this time with her family. Would loved to gone with them, but then, we have been there, done that – long ago, in 1969, on our first mission trip to Africa! “OPERATION: ANTI-FREEZE” At Benoni church, in June a couple of years ago, our young folks’ group suggested this title to help raise money and blankets for the kids in the Squatter-camps here. This year, it was decided to start a little earlier, in May. Members began bringing or buying blankets and stacking them in the pulpit area at the church. We wrote to a church in KY, who has helped us before, to ask “IF” they would like to join us in this project again this year? They responded with favor and kindness, and sent enough funds that we at Benoni church were able to buy the rest of the blankets needed, as well as jackets for all the school children. Of course, kids need a blanket at night, but during the day at school, warm jackets are appropriate. Tom & Linda King and Benoni deacon, Lance Archer and Theo Rappard (SABC Teacher/Benoni church) were able to negotiate with a local clothing store to get the items at a good price. I went with them one day for the distribution at Zenzele Squatter Camp. In addition to the blankets & jackets, we handed out to each child, a knitted bennie (toboggan) (donated to Al & Donna Horne by a ladies’ group in Mississippi), gloves, a pair of warm socks, a couple of oranges that a school in Boksburg donated, and small cartons of orange juice, with their daily meal. It was a good day for these kids. Benoni church has decided to continue with the blanket drive, as there are other areas we need to cover. So, it’s not too late to help us do this! CLEAN WATER-WELLS Peter, a SABC graduate, & Leslye Mostert returned to their home (CA) in mid-June, after working in his birth-country of Zambia for two weeks helping dig or restore clean water-wells in many villages. As I found during the Malawi famine a few years ago, if you offer a humanitarian service like this, folks will then more willingly listen to a Gospel message. They, then, visited Venda and other Black brethren here in this area, distributed some clothing, perhaps Bibles and other material they had brought with them. Peter travels about once or twice a year to Africa. He always brings 2 suitcases of clothing and teaching materials with him. Then, before he leaves, he gives away all the clothes and Bibles, except the very “shirt on his back” to wear on the plane home! It was good to see the Mosterts. They are very special friends! OTHER VISITORS Vic Tickner and his wife, Aileen, came from the tiny town of Prince Albert in the Cape to see us in Benoni. He and his first wife, Val, were members at Benoni many years before he attended and graduated from SABC. Then, they moved to Australia and preached there many years. Their son, Peter, met and married an Aussie gal there, and today is preaching at a church in Sydney. After being in Australia quite awhile, Vic & Val moved back to SA and he preached in a couple of churches nearby, Brakpan, then Springs. Val died a few years ago, and Vic then married this very sweet Christian ady, Aileen, whom he met in Prince Albert, in the northeastern Cape. They came to visit Vic & Val’s older son, Shaun, younger daughter, Lillian, and their grand-children still in this area. Vic preached a couple of times at Benoni, and visited other congregations. SOLAR-PLAYERS from Sunset Another visitor we had in June was Tim Burow, of Sunset, on his way to Malawi and Zimbabwe – on 2 consecutive trips. Tim had written that he’d pass through Joburg on his journey from Malawi to Zimbabwe the 28th. He is the Sunset International Dean of SIBI Schools, worldwide (essentially, my “boss” – as I am the Dean of SIBI schools in Africa). As it turned out, he came through earlier than the 28th. Since we are also under that umbrella, we were pleased he would come our way, even for one night. We responded that we’d meet him at the airport, provide a room for the night, and get him back there the next morning (early) for his flight on to Zimb. His purpose in coming is to distribute the Solar-Players we’ve mentioned before, that Sunset provides, in these 2 countries, in addition to speaking and awarding certificates and BA diplomas at a SIBI Graduation in Malawi. Well, we met Tim, and learned that his 2 checked-in large bags did not get on the same flight from Atlanta (on Delta) when he came in! They didn’t know where his luggage was. He had been re-routed in Dallas, but assured all his bags were routed on that same Delta flight. They weren’t. They had NO record of them in the ‘system.’ A LITTLE HUMOR HERE! Did you hear about the guy who checked in at the airlines’ counter in Chicago, pointed to one bag and said, “I want you to send this bag to New York,” and pointing to the second one, said, “...And send this one to L.A.” The counter-person said, “Sir, we cannot do that!” So, he said, “Well, you did it last week!” So..... guess that’s what happened ro Tim’s bags. Well, he was still scheduled to preach (and did) at Benoni the 28th, with or without luggage! EVER MET A TRUE HERO? Have you ever known a REAL hero? Someone who saves another person’s life, without any gain expected for himself/herself. Well, I want to tell you this very interesting story. On June 9th, this year, we got a phone call, via Skype, from our daughter, Rhonda, from Knoxville. She said, “I want to tell you what Joey did today at school.” We immediately thought, “Oh, No! He’s in trouble (again).” If you’ve ever lived with or been around a very hyper-active child, you’ll understand our reaction to her dreaded words. Ann said, (expectedly), “Ok, what did he do now?” She (Rhonda) then told how Joey had come upon a group of students at school gathered in the hallway, looking down on a young boy on the floor – he was having a seizure! Nobody was doing anything to help him, not even the teacher who came up to the group about that time! No one knew what to do. The child then stopped breathing: and had stopped thrashing about. Joey, when he saw what was happening, got down near the boy on the floor, and began CPR (compressions on his chest and mouth-to-mouth resuscitation)! Eventually, the child began to breathe on his own, and was okay. Our grandson, Joey Whited, had literally saved his life! That Friday evening, the 12th, Rhonda called us from Knoxville again on Skype and told us that she and Joey were being honored at a ‘fancy dinner’ and the mayor of Knoxville was there to present Joey with a special certificate–for bravery! Later, she said the Knoxville Chief of Police was also there to congratulate Joey for his prompt action in saving that young child’s life! Can you imagine what all that positive attention did for a young lad who seems to always be in trouble for his very negative anti-social behavior? Our Joey was a true hero that day! We are soooo very proud of him! We didn’t even know that Joey knew the techniques of CPR. Somewhere along the way, though, he said he had had a class in CPR. Knowing WHEN to use it is also important, I assume. And, our Joey knew what to do and when to do it. Again, we are very proud of our grandson, Joey. LOSS OF ANOTHER TEACHER Roy Lothian died a few months ago. A graduate of SABC, he moved back here in the ‘90's to teach, after preaching in Port Elizabeth for many years. Gordon Uys, also a SABC graduate, died on June 21st this year resulting from brain-tumor surgery sometime ago, and other ill-health issues. He had preached for the Centurion congregation in Pretoria for years, and came the 45 miles one day a week to teach at SABC. Gordon is mourned by his wife, Rose, two sons, Craig (in the USA) & Grant and their daughter, Liza, in Pretoria, and grand-children here and in the States, by students and staff at SABC, and many former students scattered far and wide. We will miss them. Both were good teachers & Preachers. I preached at Centurion (Pretoria) the last Sunday in July where Gordon had preached these last few years. The church there misses him a lot, too. *********** Do the right thing. Be a hero, and make a difference in someone’s life-teach them the Gospel! Thanks so much for all the interest and support we get from so many places. God bless all who help us here. Without you, we wouldn’t be able to do this mission work in Africa God bless you richly. – Jerry & Ann Hogg