Talk About A Crowd!

Asia consists of 48 countries in our world. There are over 6 billion souls living on our planet and over 4 billion of them live in Asia. Talk about a crowd! Most of these precious souls have never heard the Gospel of Jesus. What are we do do? Give up? Or re-double our efforts. Sunset currently has 9 schools in Asia. Four of them are in the Philippines. The others are located in Seoul, S. Korea, Singapore, Bangkok, Thailand, Batam, Indonesia, and Phnom Penh, Cambodia. We have over 130 students studying in our schools. That is great but what about the 4.2 billion souls?


I often think of a Thai youngster who was 8-10 years old. I saw him many years ago when my family was boarding his father's boat to cross over to Laos. He had an injured arm but was still carrying out his duties to bail water out of the boat. It seems that the load of passengers and the age of the boat caused it to take on a bit of water. So, this lad was dipping water into a bucket and pouring it back into the Mekong River. He was barely keeping up with the flow of water. This Thai youngster had the saddest look on his face. I am sure it was related to the pain in his bandaged arm. In any case, as I looked upon him, I felt that I was looking into the face of the damned. So many people are looking to find meaning for their life. The only true meaning is found in Jesus Christ! Let's go make disciples!


George Carman, Dean International Ministry Training/Asia