A bowl of borscht and a ham and cheese omelet

Greetings. It's been a little dark and dreary in Ukraine. For those in the Lubbock area, sometimes water falls from the sky and these things called clouds fill the air. It's awesome, but dreary and wet. At the end of each month, the students scholarships begin to get a little short and Sasha Maluga (who replaced me as the Dean of Students and an instructor at UBI) cooks borscht for the students, faculty and guests and there is a big banquet in the school kitchen. This really brightened the day and we had a wonderful evening of food and fellowship! The piping hot borscht really drove the clouds away, both within and without, and we all had full bellies and warm hearts. It reminded me of how easy it is to brighten a day and minister to those around you. With a simple act of kindness, a bowl of borscht, you can affect attitudes, gladden hearts and minister in a beautiful way. Just think of how great our lives would be if we each did some act of service like this for our brothers and sisters each day! It wouldn't have to be borscht, it could be anything from a smile or note of appreciation or concern to a small gift or warm meal. We could drive the clouds away from the hearts and minds of all of those around us.
This morning I woke up and stumbled into the bathroom. Weariness and jetlag were still attacking my bones. I was shutting the door when Robert Waller (preacher for 24 years at College Hill in Fort Worth - my sponsoring congregation) asked me if I would want an omelet for breakfast. The smell of ham, eggs and cheese filled the teachers apartment. Wow. My heart and soul were revived and the clouds were pushed back again. A bowl of borscht and a good omelet makes a real difference.
I will soon be walking into the classroom for chapel. I will be met with bear hugs, kisses to the cheek, kind words, smiles and tearfilled eyes grateful to see one another again. Once again, any clouds will flee my heart and mind as a new day begins at UBI.
John 13 tells the story of Jesus expressing the full extent of his love for His disciples by washing their feet. Jesus commanded all of His disciples to wash the feet of one another. My feet are clean and my heart is glad. Wet towels and basins are scattered everywhere. No wonder the church continues to grow here! We need to all rededicate ourselves to serving others, to washing feet. A bowl of borscht, an omelet of ham, egg and cheese, a towel and basin... all speak to being a disciple, being like Christ and all drive the clouds away.
To quote a certain singer/poet, "I can see clearly now, the rain is gone..."
In Him,


It even makes things brighter in Lubbock knowing that God's love is found all over the world in the hearts of His servants.