Back in the "former" USSR

Greetings! Grace and peace to you in Christ Jesus!

While those of you in the US are heading off to bed, we are rising from our beds to preach the Word, teach classes and seek and save the lost here in Ukraine. It's true that "the sun never sets on the work of Sunset". I look forward to another day of teaching Revelation and Church Planting/Evangelism. I have taught both of these courses all over the world, but am faced with the unique challenge of teaching Church Planting and Evangelism to some of the most able and willing Evangelists and Church Planters I know. Instead of inspiring young men to reach out to others, I am encouraging them as they reach out to others. It's refreshing, but it reminds me that sometimes teachers learn as much or more from students as they do from him. I am grateful for their spirit. Congregations continue to be planted and hearts continue to turn to Christ. Praise God!

It is a wonderful thing to see the graduates of UBI (Ukrainian Bible Institute) exceeding the works of their teachers. I have been amazed as I watch Dima and Sasha work with the students and local congregations. Watching them reinforces what is most important in our international efforts, training and equipping local preachers, teachers, and church leaders to teach, minister and preach in their own land, language and culture. We truly worked ourselves out of a job by training these men as teachers. This is another reason for praising God!

This weekend we will have a gathering of graduates and it will be great to see the UBI graduates come together to learn, share and grow together. This reminds me of the great joy I felt as SIBI graduates returned home for Homecoming 08 and gets me excited about Homecoming 09. No matter what SIBI school you are referencing, whether it is SIBI in Lubbock or one of more than 50 international schools, like UBI, scattered over 37 countries of the world, it is great when we get together and celebrate what God has done. I look forward to my class, SIBI class of January 1989, getting together this way in the coming year.

It's almost time for chapel and I look forward to singing in Russian and being edified by the community of believers. I feel remarkably blessed to be back in Ukraine and back with my brothers and sisters here. Every moment is a homecoming and it's good to be home. I look forward to the ultimate :homecoming" when we are all together in heaven. What a joy that will be.

On a more personal note, I want to say a public thank you to my nephew Phillip. He recently raised a show pig and sold it at the county fair in Dumas, Texas. He has graciously decided to send 10% of his earnings to his missionary uncle. This means that he is a part of everything I do in the mission field and it inspires me to work even harder to seek and save the lost, plant congregations and teach and train preachers, teachers and church leaders. I'm proud of my mission minded nephew and hope that after he graduates from Hillcrest elementary, Dumas Junior High, Dumas High and college (I would recommend LCU - it's where his Mom, Dad and I went) he will think about joining us at Sunset. We need mission minded students like this!

May God bless you and keep you. I'm off to chapel!

In Him,




Your blog is a great read! It is good to see your joy at being "home" in the Ukraine. Have fun, but DO come back to us.