Recovering Legalists

I've heard the phrase a few times here lately about being a recovering legalist. I have to smile a bit when I hear this because I know that is what I am. Can you imagine in the same way that AA and other types of recovery meetings take place that one would be held for recovering legalists.
I was talking with Debby about how such a meeting might proceed. At the beginning of every meeting you have people who introduce themselves and then they have to tell for what purpose they are there, for example at AA meeting you hear that a person will introduce themselves and say, "hello, my name is so and so and I'm an alcoholic." The idea is to openly admit to yourself and others what your addiction is so that you can face the need for recovery.

Here are some of the introductions you might hear at a legalist recovery meeting:
...Hello my name is Sherry and I judge people.
...Hello my name is Bart and I think I'm the only one going to heaven.
...Hello my name is Jane and I choose to be right over being kind.
...Hello my name Joe Bob and I think the KJV is the only inspired translation of the Bible.
...Hello my name is Billy Joe and I decide what truth is and you must believe the way I see it.
...Hello my name is Mary and I love people because I have to, but I don't have to like them.
...Hello my name is Johnny and I worked hard to earn my salvation.
...Hello my name is Steve and I've never heard a sermon on grace.
...Hello my name is Debbie and what's love got to do with it.
...Hello my name is George and I prefer sacrifice and never mercy.
...Hello my name is John and I write everybody up.
...Hello my name is Betty and I keep a record of all your wrongs.
...Hello my name is Bill and I believe there is no excuse for ever missing a Sunday service.

Just a fun little approach to help us see the need for more grace in our lives. I wouldn't be opposed to such recovery meetings.