Aiming for Sydney - Jeremy and Oxana Desjarlais - March Newsletter

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Sorry this is coming to you so late. Things are on the move. Over the past month I was blessed to be able to make more contacts and get more packets out than in previous months. This has helped us a lot as we have at least two and possibly three appointments to meet with different congregations in the month of April. As of the late date of this newsletter I have already had the opportunity to travel to Belle, MO, where one of my spiritual influences labors for the kingdom.

Due to time constraints of getting there and back in two days I flew from Lubbock to Kansas City and caught a ride with my parents from there. The trip there was perfect and my time in Belle was very good. I had a chance to meet several of the men and was blessed to be able to teach and preach to the congregation. All in all that was enough to make the trip a good one. In the end the men in Belle decided to help in our efforts in Australasia. It is therefore our prayer that the Lord will bless them in their continued efforts in central Missouri.

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