Greetings from Chile

Greetings from sunny Santiago! Summer is in full swing and we are enjoying the warm, long days. Wouldn’t really characterize them as lazy days of summer as it seems we are busier than ever. So much has happened since our last report! Last year the congregation studied a program called The Story in which we read through the Bible together looking at God’s Story and how we are a part of it even today. It was such an enriching, faith-building, relationship-growing time that many were sad when we completed the study. The leadership of the congregation has taken advantage of that desire and is encouraging everyone to belong to a Life-Group where we can continue to be fed and encouraged by our brethren. During the summer months we have combined Bible class on Sunday mornings and we have been looking at the “one another” passages of the New Testament. It is exciting to see the light in the eyes of our members as they discover the beauty and the depth of what it means to live in community. We truly have great expectations for 2015 and are excited to see how God will work among us this year! Please pray for the work in Talagante-Melipilla. Several of the people we are working with have been struggling with health issues and that makes it difficult to have any sort of continuity out there. Since last year we have been studying almost once a weeks in the home of the families in the area and have worship service twice a month on Sunday evening. Those involve in the Talagante-Meliplilla area struggle with the commitment to growing the church and even at time with the commitment to the Lord. I have been studying with two families and a couple are about ready to put on the Lord in baptism but their struggle is to make that decision without their spouse would be to start the Christian walk off on the wrong foot. Pray for them and those families to make the committed to the Lord. Summer also presents a challenge as many take vacation from any and all things they do regularly including weekly Bible study! Pray that God will raise up a worker from among the congregation in Santiago that can be a strong presence in that community. In family news…we have had to move again! The owner of our previous house sold it so we had to find another place. God graciously provided a home large enough so that each of our children has his own room. The downside is that it is farther away from church and school and our pool no longer fits in our yard so keeping cool has been more of a challenge this summer. The upside is that we have moved to an area of town that quite a few of our members live in so life in community is a bit easier logistically. We are really enjoying this stage of our family. Having two teens in the house keeps us on our toes and we are delighting in our relationship with them. The younger two continue to be best friends for which we are thankful. Thank you for your steadfastness and love for us throughout the years. You are a blessing to us in so many ways. May God continue to pour out His riches and grace on you all. God bless, Chileperk